Monday, April 23, 2018

Think Pink!

As you know, after the man socks,  I was eager to get back to my On The GO designs. I also needed a quick hit...
So a give you Clarkson. A fun little ribbed shorty sock with just a touch of flare. I'm already almost halfway down the foot. I'm knitting it in Twisted Top Cat and the luscious cashmere is making it that much more enjoyable.

This is what sock knitting is all about!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

At last....

... my love has come along....

In the form of DECENT WEATHER. Yesterday was a balmy, beautiful, sun-filled 13℃ (or 55℉), and I took full advantage. I was way overdue for getting out and cleaning out the gardens.

I only did the backyard, but it by far need the most attention. Under the watchful eye of my snoopervisor...
 I chopped, pruned, and raked until I could chop, prune and rake no more.
I was ruthless with the raspberries. I long ago learned that I can't prune them too much. The cane were reaching well over the top of the fence.
They are just starting to buds, but I find a good haircut really helps them green up fast.
The lilacs buds are small, but nice an healthy. The lilac didn't get trimmed. In a few years, I may need to start pruning her, but for now I an let her fill out as she  pleases.

The roses all got a good trim too. All of them are pushing out buds, so hopefully the trim will help them concentrate on greening up fast (no pics, they just aren't that exciting yet).

I don't know if you can tell..
The Red Dwarf Columbine is covered in buds. The Crocuses out front are still under a little bit of snow, so this one may win out as the first to bloom this year.
And she multiplied! I'm thinking I might transplant the new one out to one of the front gardens, but we'll make that decision later.
With all the dead leaves and detrius out of the way, the Bleeding Heart will really take off.
Same with the Delphiniums. This is the blue one, but I also have a couple shades of purple, a white, and a pretty pink one. Delphiniums are fantastic bloomers - I really recommend them for sunny gardens.
The Shasta Daisies got a little frost bitten, but I don't think even  a nuclear blast could  eradicate them. I should probably thin mine out a bit, but it will have to wait for another day.
I'm so pleased to see the Echinacea, and other Coneflowers coming back. These beauties bring in the fancy butterflies.
After the storm, I was really worried about my Armeria - it's a small delicate plant, but I think it's going to make it.
The Candy Mountain Foxglvoe was severely frost-burned. But once I trimmed the dead stuff off,  I think there's enough healthy stuff that it will thrive. The peach foxglove doesn't appear to have come back, but I'm happy  this one is trying.
 And look how happy my little Lupins! I've got two healthy bunches of these guys.

After I was all done, Chief Garden Inspector gave everything a thorough sniff...
Lukily, I passed inspection, and now the weather is suppose to be lovely alllllllllllllllll week! Things are about to get really exciting in my little green world!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Heaven sent

Well... not quite...
 But the above package was sent by an angel - the very sweet and generous Araignee. Her wonderful, fragrant soaps have already been put into use. The Coconut pineapple is up in our main shower for Dave (he loves fruity soaps), but the Black Cherry I'm keeping all to myself in my powder room. It's once of my favourite scents! The little lotion bars will also be quickly used - they were essential for getting my feet beach-ready for Mexico. And if spring ever arrives, I'll need them to keep my toes in tip top shape for sandal season!

Thank you so much, Araignee!

Also arriving in the mail was my latest order from Missouri Star Quilts.

Way back when I got into this quilting thing, I bought a charm pack of the prettiest dragonfly fabrics

But little did I know, one charm pack wasn't going to make much of a quilt. The charm packs were sold out forever, so I wasn't have to get more.  I'd been on the hunt for a way to stretch them out when I came across the Square in a Square quilt. I just needed a Jelly Roll and a Honey Bun.

So I watched MSQ for a good daily deal and jumped at one the other week
Beautiful batiks in similar shades to the charm pack
And some of the fabrics even have  a dragonfly theme! I also grabbed a pretty green honey bun to round it all out. I've got an empty project box, so I'm hoping to start this one soon. It should go together fairly quick!

I also treated myself to a purrfectly wonderful fat quarter bundle.
It's full of beautiful bright fabrics with a feline theme.
This is destine to become a Milky Way quilt
Mom sent me the pattern a few weeks back and you know I love a good star block!

I do so love a good mail day! And so does someone else...

Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday felines

I get by with a little help from my friends...

Thursday, April 19, 2018

FO: Eternal Autumn

Since the weather was so crappy this weekend, I decided to put the enforced indoor time to good use and finish up the  Eternal Autumn quilt.

At first, I was optimistic and thought I could accomplish it all on Saturday. But it's much bigger than a baby blanket, and wrangling and pushing that much fabric through the machine is harder on the body than you might think. By late Saturday afternoon, it was apparent that I was going to have to break it up into two sessions.

However, early Sunday afternoon the quilting was done and I was comfortably ensconced on the couch with the quilt and my snoopervisor...
... and ready for a good binding session.

Not long after dinner... it was on the bed!
It's not a huge quilt - as you can see it just covers the top of my queen-sized bed.  But it's perfect for those nights when I need and extra layer
I didn't do anything fancy with the stitching - just a couple lines around the inside of each diamond, and the inside of each sashing. It's simple, but it adds a nice little bit of dimension.

And I'm so pleased that I got to use the red floral fabric on the front of  a quilt this time. It's such a pretty fabric, it deserves to be seen.

I'd planned to used the beige star fabric (second sashing from the centre) for the binding, but when it came time to cut it up, I was worried I wasn't going to have enough.

I had plenty of the striped backing fabric leftover though, so the binding it became! It was a good choice though - I love a good contrast in the binding ,and it look fabulous against the red floral.

With any luck, I'll be practicing some free-motion soon, and the next finished quilt you see may be a little bit fancier!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

FO: Spinach sock

They are done!!!!
Nothing fancy here. Just plain ol' vanillas. The yarn is our Tabby Cat. It was destinied for the shop, but I wasn't happy with how it looked in the skein. Dave isn't picky about his socks, so I figured it would make a decent pair for him. But it surprised me - it looks much nicer knit up than it did fresh from the dye pot.

These will be tucked away for his birthday in July (it's nice to be ahead of things!). And now I'm ready for something fun... I'm thinking PINK!

And yes, that is still that slushy, ice pellety crap underneath the socks.  Yesterday we were even getting flurries!
But it is melting... just not fast enough for Relic and I.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hourglass figures

As mentioned last week, I've been diligent in whipping up a disappearing hourglass block whenever I have a few minutes.
I haven't been able to make a block a day
But I managed three last week, so that makes me pretty happy.
And this gives you an idea of how they will look once they all start getting put together.

The more I look at this, the more I love it!