Monday, April 14, 2008

Bandwagon jumping

Seems like everywhere I turn, someone is sewing something, so I decided to hop on the bandwagon too! (Speaking of bandwagons, I've also discovered a whole new slew of people who hate Bell as much as I do, and in very unexpected places)
Anyway, I was up at mom's today and remembered that I had left some quilting fabric there when I moved out. Dave has been complaining about all the cat hair in my bed... you see he doesn't like to sleep with my blanket which, while cat hair-free, is a big heavy comforter I picked up at a thrift store (you've seen it before, usually in pics of Tux lounging on or underneath it) "It's too heavy" he whines.
I have another store bought quilt, which is much lighter, but it attracts cat hair like medieval townsfolk attracted the plauge. I wash it frequently, but as soon as one of the kids walks by it, it's like their fur literally jumps off them and onto the blanket. I bought another cheap comforter at Walmart, but it has the same problem. The only other blankets that seem to stay fur-free are the two quilts my mom made me when I was about 13 years old.
Unfortunatley they've seen better days

Dave calls them my hobo blankets. These quilts have been everywhere, sleepovers, picnics, the beach, camping. They've been through three boyfriends, four moves, and 10 cats. I love them and I will never get rid of them, but Dave needs something a little less .... well-loved ... to sleep with. So, I'm going to make him his very own quilt. I got it all cut out today. (Thanks to mom who has all the tools)

And yes, I said I'm making Dave his very own quilt, and no they aren't very masculine fabrics... too bad. It's going in my bedroom, I want it to match my decor... if he wants to share my bed, he'll deal with it. (on another note these aren't actually the fabrics I left at mom's, after checking out her fabric stash - which is almost as impressive as her yarn stash - she let me swap the fabrics I had bought for some that she had bought... the pink and green fabrics were mine, but the rest were hers)

I got it all laid out... I love this pattern. Super easy and can be sewn in an afternoon. I've done three quilts (all for Sam's kids) with this pattern. It's the only pattern I've ever sewn, but I don't care. I like it. No muss, no fuss. Quilt-in-a-day.

I'll probably sew it this weekend while Dave is songwriting. Right now my machine is buried under a mountain of stuff I shoved in my studio while cleaning the rest of the house. I'll need to get some border and backing fabric, but this is a start.

Of course, as I was laying the last corner out, Tux decided it was time to get a little exercise and chased Rocky right across it. I had to start all over again.People ask me why I don't want kids... believe me, three cats are more than enough trouble, I don't need to add kids to the mix

They don't look very repentent either
Anyway, off to knit now, want to make a trip to Vineyard Alpacas at the end of the month, and I need some product for her.


Jenn said...

Ron has a "well loved" quilt that has seen better days, it's the best in the summer and I would love a new one that matches my decor some what. Would you make me one in the same pattern as yours?? I'll buy the fabric and stuff...pretty please..please!!!!
Douvet seasons almost up. :-)

Rhonda said...

The fabrics look great together. Looks like Jenn needs one too!!!!

Samantha said...

Cool! I want those tools too ... what are they? LOL I love those colours!! Also, tell me how to do that pattern ... it must be pretty easy because you have no patience. LOL Email me how! LYLAS

Anonymous said...

ooohh lovely!
Love the mat and cuter, they are my faves