Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Petal- A Free Pattern

Designed by Valerie Johnson
Wandering Cat Studio

About Petal:
I am a hat fanatic. I love hats almost as much as I love shoes. I think hats are neglected by modern fashion, and often find myself fantasizing about days when an outfit wasn't complete without a hat. I am particularily fond of the hats of the 20s, 30s and 40s.
That's where I drew the inspiration for Petal. A nice warm hat, with a little bit of lace for a touch of feminity, perfect with short or long hair (and super cute with a bob).

Child: 14 inches around
Adult: 19 inches around
Petal has a fair bit of stretch, so don't worry if the measurment seems a little small. The hat should be snug.

1 Ball of Patons Classic Wool (I used approximately half a ball for the adult size)
1 pair 4mm needles

20 st and 24 rows in 4 inches of stockingknit st

K2tog= Knit 2 Together
YO=yarn over

Pattern: (Adult Size in Brackets)
Cast on 90 [108] stitches
1) Knit row
2) Knit row
3) Purl row
4) * (K2tog) x3, (k1, yo) x6, (k2tog) x3*. Repeat from * to * to end
5) Purl row
Repeat rows 2-5 5 [7] times

Child size only:
Next row: Knit
Next row: Purl

Both sizes:
1) K8 [K7] K2tog to end
2) (and all even rows) purl row
3) K7 [K6] K2tog to end
5) K6 [K5] K2tog to end
7) K5 [K4] K2tog to end
Continue decreasing in this manner until you have completed an entire row of K2tog.
Cut yarn leaving long tail, draw yarn through remaining stitches, pull tight and seam.

Note: This hat can easily be done in the round for those who prefer not to seam. Simply join ends after casting on and knit all purl rows!

Please contact me at if you have any questions or comments.

Copyright 2008, Wandering Cat Studio. Please use only for personal use.


Samantha said...

Super cute!

Rhonda said...

Very nice "right brain". You'll have to put the link up on your sidebar so it will always be available.

Angelika said...

Very cute. My problem is, that some of the hats I don't seem to be able to pull off. Baseball hats are the best for me, but don't ask about the hair afterwards. I did find a nice new boy hat for me the other day though, but I seem to have to share it with my son.

LLB said...

oh my gosh, cute hat! I love it.

sue said...

I love the hat pattern, so pretty. I think I will have to try that one out one day too.