Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bad Seed

Peno.. my only good cat. The other two are pure evil and lately I think their evilness is leaking out into innocent little Miss Peno.

There are only two places in the house the cats are not allowed - Dave's studio and the kitchen counter (not my rules, cats are free spirits and they should be allowed to roam at will ... basically I can't be bothered to discipline them).

Dave's studio door is always closed, so it's pretty easy to keep them out of there, the counter... not so much.

It took months to break Tux of the habit of jumping on the counter (I mean... come on... that's where the good food is and he knows it) and just when it seemed like we had succeeded in detering him, I brought Rocky home and the process started again... and just because he was a kitten didn't make it any easier to train him.

But the other week I ran out of cat food, so I opened up a can of tuna for the kids' breakfast. I didn't use the the whole can, so I popped a plastic cat food can lid on it and went about my morning. I came back about an hour later, and Peno (the only good cat) was on the counter, had the lid off the can and had finished the rest of the tuna.

Ever since then, I've caught her on the counter at least once a day. And today I walked into the kitchen to discover this...
just making herself comfortable... she didn't even bother to jump off the counter and run away like she did something bad (like she normally does).

In other news, the back healing is going slowly... so I'm still making good progress on my Christmas knitting.Can I just say I hate knitting mittens... I don't know why, I just don't like them. I've made some good progress on another Christmas present, but I can't show you picture until after I've gifted it to her.


Angelika said...

Ohh, what can I say. They roam in packs and copy what the others do. I found mine in the sink, in kitchen cabinets and even in a dinner plate once (that was before we ate though).

Rhonda said...

Just remember, at one time, you didn't like knitting at all.

Samantha said...

Cute mittens! My kitties aren't bad ... they don't get on the counter. :)

sue said...

Oh naughty kitties. My eldest cat who is 10 years old actually ripped through alfoil and plastic to get some fish that was defrosting for dinner. She knew she was in trouble as she ran out the door as soon as I came in. I think if there is food there they will jump up and eat it when your not looking. The mittens look quite pretty.