Sunday, December 28, 2008

Free at last!

Well Christmas has passed and it was pretty good all around... those who recieved the gifts I knitted seemed to really appreciate them which is always a treat.

I myself was not neglected by the Christmas Faerie - I got a wicked pair of mittens from my mom, as well as a super set of Kitchen Aid pots (which I badly needed - when I moved out I bought the cheapest set of pots I could find and - well - you get what you pay for). I also got some tools (I am a firm believer that every girl needs her own tools) , and a few other kitchen things from Dave's family.

There was lots of food (and I managed not to over eat, and I am actually down five pounds - woohoo!) and family and fun...
...and colouring with the dog!
And that knitting hiatus I was talking about earlier... I think the hiatus went on hiatus.
Today I finally got some much needed rest and managed to finish Dave's second sock (I started it on Christmas Day at his aunt's house)
I used Fibre Trends Hellen's Favourite Sock Pattern with a simple 3-1 rib on the cuff. It has a round toe, which kind of looks funny, so when I do another pair I'll be changing it to the kind of toe my mom does (a grafted toe?).
I believe the yarn was Opal ( I lost the ball band so I can't be sure)... it's a cotton/wool blend but I'm not too fond of it... there's no sproing so my tension isn't all that even, but the colours were cool.
And now that Christmas is over, all my knitting time is my own... Purity here I come!


Alisha said...

I love the pictures of you when your playing with your niece (right?) she is so lucky to have a aunt like you!

Glad your Christmas was fun!

Love the socks!

Jenn said...

yeah, christmas was good all around! i wasn't too crazy on the opal cotton blend either. It makes good baby swaeters though. Glad you got the second sock done too, woot woot!!!! :-)

Angelika said...

I like the coloring with the kids and the dog on the floor picture. I should try that, but mine might eat the crayons. Go figure.

Rhonda said...

OMG!!! Gloves, Socks! What happened to "I don't knit with 4 needles!"