Wednesday, July 22, 2009

T stands for Trouble... I mean Tux

Okay, we all know my cats are a little messed up... but can someone please explain this to me.....????

It happened like this...

Today is one of the days where I work at Job no. 1, followed by job no. 2, and don't get home until well past the cats' regular dinner time.

I forgot to put some extra food out for them as I usually do, but I had left the cat food container on the table. Now we all know this one:is far too smart for his own good, so I wasn't surprised when I came home to find the container on the floor, top off and kibble all over the floor.

So, figuring they've had their fill, I clean it up... but as soon as I put it away in the cupboard , this one:Along with this one:Start yelling at me with cat swear words... what did they want? Their dishes filled..... well if they are going to spill it on the floor you'd think they would darn well eat off the floor.... not my babies.


Lee said...

Your babies are soo beautiful. The calico reminds me of a cat I had when I was little her name was Cali(original I know. She had some weird eating habits, she used to scoop food with her paw and feed herself like it was a spoon.

lexa said...

LOL! One of my mother's cats wouldn't eat her dry food til you put your hand on it. Cats definitely have strange ways about themselves, that's for sure!

Tracy said...

I love kitties! : )