Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Someone stole my Christmas spirit

I seemed to have misplaced my Christmas spirit this year. Normally, I start bouncing around the end of November and I don't stop until well after New Year's. But not this year.

Not sure what it is - I'm not all down on Christmas, whining about the commercialism and greed and ruining it for everyone else... I just feel... really... apathetic... about the whole thing. I think I just need a vacation.

I did buy my Christmas cards and will get them off this weekend. I'm also considering setting up my tree - maybe that will help ignite a yule-tide fire under my butt.

Despite my festivity funk, I also finished my Christmas shopping today. I would consider it an accomplishment, but I'm far from ready for the big day. I only had two presents on my list - the rest Im knitting. Still two Nessies left, two scarves, half a pair of socks, and a set of hat and mitts.

I frogged the silk scarf for Dave's grandma. Have no fear - she's still getting a scarf - it's just being revamped. After staring at it for a few hours, I realized the yarn wasn't doing justice to the pattern and the pattern wasn't doing justice to the yarn. I will find something more suitable for that decadent silk - something that truly lets it shine.

In the mean time, a switch to some Wandering Cat Slinky Cat, and a few tweaks to my design... ... and I'm back on track. I'm hoping to get this one finished by the end of the weekend.


Denise said...

Christmas hasn't been the same for me since my grandma died and the kids grown up.

The scarf looks very pretty. Much better in this yarn.

Lee said...

I like this one too. I can see where the stitch definition is a little better.

Monika said...

Christmas is the most fun when kids are around. I always loved Christmas, the time before the big day was just wonderufl. Baking cookies, listening to x-mas music, decorating, all that did it for me, but no longer. It's just me and my grown up son now, and he does not care for any of it. And this year with the pups around, I'm not going to put up a tree. Hopefully next year though. I hope you'll find YOUR Christmas spirit though! Look harder! :o)

Samantha said...

I haven't started my shopping yet. Bah humbug.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Gosh, I had a vacation and my Christmas spirit is also missing. Maybe if I do some Christmas shopping this weekend?

lexa said...

I was all gung ho for Christmas a couple of weeks ago, but now it's fading. I wrapped some stuff today while watching Elf. This Saturday we're going Christmas shopping in the city. But to be honest I'd rather just do my shopping on-line. I've ordered a fair bit so far and could order more, but if I don't save something for the city he'll be mad. It's his excuse for the two of us to get away for the day without kids. Doesn't happen often.

Abby said...

We don't really do xmas. It is more like another Thanksgiving, except I knit everyone a pair of socks. And we eat Mexican instead of turkey. Now that there is a grandchild involved, though, that may change. Ho, ho, ho!

Jeanne said...

I was a little grinchy a week or so ago, but we put up the tree and I bought the first gifts last night and now I'm getting excited. I'm only making a pair of socks and a cowl for Christmas -but I've also decided that if I don't get them done, I'll just give them later!

I like this version of the scarf better - and the yarn is gorgeous as always!