Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Bead-A-Long - A conundrum

Well I guess this is the end of the bead-a-long for me... but not in a bad way.

Nope, I cast off my project today.My newest design - called Magpie - it's hard to see, but it's chock full of beads. I'm pretty pleased with it, for the most part. It's just... well... it's wider than I planned.

My plan was to make a wide, but shallow shawelette, absolutely glittering with beads. I was aiming for at least 60 inches wide and whatever depth I could get using the entire skein.

Well I used the entire skein - there's only a few yards left. But...It's really wide. 72 inches wide, and 15 inches deep.

to put that in perspective, it's roughly the same size as the shawl I just finishedNow, I could leave it the way it is and put the pattern together. Or... I could grab another skein, start over and make it deeper and not quite so wide.

What do you think?


Delusional Knitter said...

Nice! How does it function that long, is it comfortable to wear? How does it look worn? If it looks good and its comfortable, then I would say 72" is successful.

gayle said...

I'd make the second one, then decide which I liked better.
Or you could offer both versions in the pattern when you write it up.
(And you'd get to have more fun with beads...)

Monika said...

I wish I could tell you, but the only wide, and not so deep shawl I've knit was huge too, and I liked to wind it around my neck as a scarf.
I hope you'll show us your new design in daylight photos, because I think it's beautiful.

Lost City Denise said...

Whatever you do...don't change a single thing about that edging! It is spectacular!