Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I finished up the Blackrose mitts for my coworker last night.
I gifted them to her today, and it was a good thing, our office is darn chilly. These were knit in Top Cat (colour is Slate). The skein was set aside to do the heel and toes on my Cheshire socks, but since I haven't gotten to them yet, and I won't need the whole skein, it was the perfect choice for these mitts.

I changed the thumb gusset on these, and had to size the pattern down considerably, but it all worked out well. I took my time on them, but if you count the actual hours I spent working on them, they are a really fast knit. And the result is fantastic - a pretty lace pattern, that's not too fancy - just enough to punch it up.

And since they are a gift, it's the perfect opportunity to mention our latest KAL - "It's all about the prrrrrrrrrrrresents!" over on Ravelry - go check it out. You must be a group member to participate.

As for other knitting. I've started my Lore hoodie and it's going swimmingly. After just a few hours, I already have six inches (and the body is done in one piece, so that's a considerable amount of knitting!)

And a few people asked about the lace shawl I flashed in my last post. As promised, I am knitting from my queue and I've started with Aeolian. I'm using Slinky Cat - but don't get too attached to the colour (as pretty as it is). It was a $@&%-up skein, and is full of red spots. I was hoping to be able to work around them, but as I was caking the yarn, it became apparent that there were just too many of them. Once the shawl is finished, it will be re-dyed a nice dark colour that will cover it's appalling case of chicken pox.


Delusional Knitter said...

Lovely mitts. What a nice gift!

Monika said...

When I saw them finished, I wanted to cast on a pair too. Love the color, and that you centered the lace.
Haha, thank god for over dyeing!