Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sock it to me

Today's post is all about socks!

The magical random number generator chose five commenters to win a copy of Riverrun!
The winners are:

Congratulations and thanks for entering! I hope to see lots of Riverrun socks soon!

You may not have been able to tell from my last few posts, but I did indeed flaunt the red hot Riverrun socks in front of Lafitte and finished the toe that night.
 (I made it up to Lafitte by devoting the next day to her, and giving her a lovely photoshoot.) However, I haven't started the second sock yet. Some girls at work have started a lunch-hour walking club.And, as I could use to lose a pound or twenty (well - forty if we are being honest), I thought it would be a good idea to join them.

At home, I haven't had a tonne of time time knit (Dad and I are doing a garage sale next weekend so I've been purging) but when I have, I've been working on the second Chevvy sock.

This first one was close to being done, but it got set aside in favour of Lafitte (my affections are so fickle). So this week I finished it up and I've cast on for the second - which is now in gusset territory. They fit exceptionally well - they really should go in the Christmas box (likely for Dave's Mom) but the fit is making me really want to put them in my sock drawer.

I'm itching to cast on something new - especially since Mom and I took a trip to the bead store yesterday (I can't decide between beaded socks or another beaded shawl) - but the end of the month is looming, and I'd really like to finish up a project or two so I can have a decent report for my stash-down post. Some decisions are just too hard!


Anonymous said...

Winning is so exciting! Thanks again! Can't wait to give it a try.

Your socks look great!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Congratulations to all the winners! I'll be making some when my yarn (in the Badlands colourway) arrives ;)

I need to cast on something bulky and quick if I'm to have anything to show for my September Surmount the Stash update :) Based on the last few days I may have to abandon any hope of staying on budget!

Carol said...

Lovely socks! Have fun picking out the next project

Knitting Linguist said...

Looking good! :)

Monika said...

How did I miss the contest? This sock pattern is really a nice one. At least you are finishing socks, even if they are from different pairs. I have my Paint box sock after the gusset, and didn't get back to it. I still need to sew the pullover together. I did block it though. I vote for a beaded shawl. I like to see them, if others knit them. :o)

gayle said...

Congratulations to all the winners! It's such a lovely pattern.
Your walking club sounds like fun. Maybe you can knit and walk at the same time?