Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Surmount the Stash - October roundup (Scary picture edition)

(Scary how crappy the pictures are.... I love fall but the shorter days do not lend themselves to quality photography)

This month was not great in number of projects (surprising because I did have a whole week off) but the yardage count is decent.

Lets start with smallest to largest.

First up Noah's Nessie.

Canada Post tracking says my cousin received it today, so I'm hoping to gets some pics soon. Nessie used about 80 yards of random leftovers. Not a huge stash bust, but a cute one!

Next was the "heart shawlette"

I meant to get decent pictures of this on the weekend. But I was so scattered before I went up to Mom's  I completely forgot to bring it, so you're still stuck with the crappy blocking picture. This shawlette used 400 yards of Barn Cat transitions. I was going to design a few other pattern and put it up as an ebook - but I'm thinking I might just throw it out there as a free pattern. 

And last but not least  - Eileen

True she doesn't have her zipper yet, but I'm still counting her as done - because she adds another 1450 yards to my tally.  She also completes another goal this year - to knit four sweaters! True - two of them didn't have sleeves - but they are sweater-like so they count!

All tolled October used up about 1,930 yards of yarn - can complain about that!

Total for the year so far - 12,904 yards!

And Happy Hallowe'en!


Knitting Linguist said...

Wow! You are very good! I should think about counting the yards of stash I use up - it might make me feel less pressured by what I haven't managed to use (maybe).

Anonymous said...

That's a LOT of yarn! Congrats on "busting" the stash. Eileen looks great.

Araignee said...

A sweater and a shawl? How amazing is that!

Knatolee said...

great projects! I love EIleen. she's quite beautiful.`

WildflowerWool said...

Great projects,and yes I would count all 4 sweaters too!

gayle said...

I always love your Nessies, and the shawl and sweater are both stunning. I'm so impressed with all the knitting you get done! (This from the woman who only managed to get a Wingspan knit over the whole summer... *sigh*)