Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Little monsters

The day before I headed out to babysit for Sam, I had to get all my Monster High outfits that'd I'd knit over the last year together.

They've always been intended for Lily for her Christmas present. But before I sent them off, I needed to do a quick little photo shoot.

Somewhere, spread out among my many notebooks, I have all these patterns jotted down. I'd intended to put together a little e-book right from the beginning.

There's a huge following for these dolls, but not a lot of patterns that I can find, yet.

The plan was to have it all together and released last summer. But as usual, life had other plans.

Now, I'm not sure where the notebooks are. But I figured that I can at least get the pictures all together. I'll find the notebooks eventually..

These were all fun little knits. The dolls are so skinny that they just fly right off the needles.It's a great way to use up leftover sock yarn, of which I have no shortage.

And Lily loved them. Her dolls were immediately brought out and redressed in the new duds.

It was sad to see a couple of the outfits go... there were a couple I just adored.

And now my poor girls are naked! (Well the outfits they came in are around somewhere....) I guess I better get knitting some more.

This e-book is going to be huge by the time I'm done!


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of those dolls. Guess that's what happens when you are the ONLY girl in your family. LOL

I know much more about "boys' toys" than dollies and such.

Anonymous said...

P.S. The clothes are really cute!

Samantha said...

The clothes are great. Lily is still very excited about them.

Prudence said...

Wow! I met these dolls this past pretend Summer.
I love your designs! xoDebi

Araignee said...

All those tiny little circumferences! How did you do it?

kathy b said...

Fantastic outfits!!! You have a real knack for it

Rachelle said...

They look good, won't be getting any here though; house full of boys and my doll days didn't last very long!

sharine said...

Great outfits. Can't wait for you release the patterns:)

Nancy Kay said...

Cute, cute, cute outfits!! Colorful. Trendy. Sweet details in the knitting. You are amazing!

lexa said...

I know these dolls were all the rage last Christmas. Cool outfits!

Knatolee said...

Those are great!!! REminds me of my Mum knitting clothes for my Barbie dolls (which were not nearly as cool!)