Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunbeam Sunday

It's been a quiet day around chez Wandering Cat.

We got some peanuts for the squirrel, so I scattered them around the back yard when I filled up the bird feeder. Rocky sat patiently at the back door, just waiting for his squirrel friend to make an appearance.
But the squirrel never showed. In fact, the birds were all absent too. They must be hanging out in some one else's back yard today.  Rocky eventually got bored and retired to a nice warm sunbeam.
For my part, I've been knitting (I know... big surprise there eh?). I've committed to putting a few weaves on Princess Franklin each day, but without a looming deadline, I feel no guilt about no longer being monogamous. 

So today, I let my attentions wander back to the Le Strange cardigan.
I know... it's been ages since I've put my hands on it - I bet some of you had forgotten about it. Personally,  I forgot how much I enjoy working on it. While the lace looks really complicated, it's not, as long as you take it one row at a time. And despite the fact that it's knit from the bottom up in one piece, it's knitting much faster than I thought it would. 

I've got one repeat to go until I divide at the armholes. It will move even faster then. Ideally, I'd love to have it done in the next month or so - it'd be nice to be able to wear it this spring.

But as I was looking at it today, I realized, I don't really have anything in my wardrobe to wear it with. I guess I'll have to go shopping for a new sundress... oh, what a hardship that will be!


Anonymous said...

That is a GORGEOUS color.

Oh my gosh .... I think I need to get a kitty. LOL

Samantha said...

Oh Rocky, so sorry your buddy didn't show up. Better luck next time.

I love the colour of your Lestrange.

I had something else to say too, but it has fallen out of my head. Oops.

Rachelle said...

It's going to be gorgeous!

kathy b said...

ROCKY has quite the kitty tummy! Very much like our Tank's.

I must put out peanuts for the squirrels…how fun

Nancy Kay said...

Rocky sleeping in the light of a warm sunbeam makes me melt. So sweet! So while he's sleeping, you're knitting up a storm...and I LOVE that sweater you're working on. It's got the WOW factor. Can't wait to see it...over your new sundress!

Araignee said...

Nothing makes me more relaxed and happy than seeing kitties snoozing in a sunbeam.