Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Syrupy sweet

I needed a little break from Sandpoint, so I picked up the Maple Leaf shawl again and managed to make a little headway
That little bit you see poking out at the left is the first point. It's slow going, because you really have to pay attention, but I think the result is going to be worth it.

This is a very interesting pattern, and while it looks daunting (18 pages), it's actually pretty simple. You just can't be in a hurry. If you take it one row at a time, you'll be fine. It's also one of those patterns where you just have to "trust the knitting", because you can't always tell what it's trying to do until you get a few rows in. The only mod I've made is to go down on the needle size - the yarn I'm using doesn't have a tonne of poof, so it looked stringy on the 4.5 mm.

I'm knitting it in Slinky Solo Cat. We've had the Slinky Solo available for a few years now, but this is the first time I've actually had a chance to knit with it.
It's just as nice as our regular Solo - probably nicer because it's got that touch of silk that makes the yarn glow. It's a tightly spun single ply, so it gives beautiful stitch definition... and just like the regular Solo, I love how it takes the dye... look at all those subtle tones.

I'm not giving myself a deadline with this one... but I think I'm going to love it whenever it's finished.


elns said...

I love the close up of that yarn. It's beautiful in all it's tones. Oh and your nails look great by the way. :) (thumbs up emoji here, get it? thumbs up?!?)

kathy b said...

Love your last thought of the post!! Just a glorious color to work with. Glad its a long project and you can feel and enjoy looking at it in the process

Araignee said...


Rachelle said...

I thought that looked like Slinky Solo, it's lovely to work with and you're right about that glow!

RobinH said...

Wow! That yarn does look gorgeous. And a great color for the shawl.