Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Best buds

Everything in the yard is really gearing up, with lots of buds appearing. All the roses are in bud, so in a few weeks expect to get flooded with pictures (I adore my roses!!!) but for now...

The dollar store Glads are doing well. I've got stakes in and ready for tying when they get too heavy to hold themselves up.
Both the white and the blue Delphinum are putting up flower heads. It will still be a few weeks for them - they are slow bloomers.
The dollar store Anemone finally made an appearance. I planted it all in a clump this time. I think it will be more impressive when it blooms.

The mystery Columbine has bloomed. It's a pretty pale yellow with subtle pink highlights. A nice surprise!
I love Morning Glories, so this year I planted seeds some in a big, long planter. They are growing fast. I've also planted some Moon Flowers in the same planter, but they are slower to show.
The Peach Dalmatian Foxglove is starting to bud. This surprised me - I've always bought the Foxglove a little later in the year, and didn't expect to see blooms for a month or two.
 The catnip didn't survive Ollie, so I got another plant and put it in a pot, up on the window sill where he can't molest it. I'll mete out a leaf or two when he comes to visit.
And that planter beside it has some yellow beans I started from seed. These are for Dave and so far they are growing quite nicely - though I've not had great luck with beans in the past. Hopefully I get it right this time.
I've also got tomatoes going for him... this year's variety is Tiny Tim. I didn't have much luck with my potted tomato last year - but it was bought on clearance and I don't think the soil was great. These ones should do much better.

And my favourite... the raspberries... are covered in itty bitty berries. It won't be long now!


Araignee said...

I got home late last night and was shocked at how big my plants have gotten since I left last Friday. Must be all this rain.

Vera said...

Fresh picked raspberries are the BEST!! Are the beans for drying? Or like green beans?

Delighted Hands said...

Green beans! I'm with Dave-what a great garden item to include!
I'm so happy for you that it is all going so well in the garden!

Troy Boyer said...

Each and every green and growing comment and photo are loved by me. It is our sunny warm growing short season! Lets enjoy each moment! I have some irises that are in bloom.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh...that Columbine! So pretty.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

You're going to love having fresh raspberries! We had them at our last place and they are so much better than what one gets at the grocery store.

Cat Lover said...

The rain is sure helping the gardens isn't it? Everything looks wonderful Valerie!
Take care.