Friday, March 7, 2008

Bedtime stories

My mother always told me make sure your room is clean if you're going to have strange men in it (actually it was probably more along the lines of DON'T have strange men in your room, but what's the fun in that?) so today I cleaned it.... really cleaned it... even under the bed. Now, I didn't find any monsters, but they might have been hard to see around all the clothes, books and cat hair tumbleweeds.
Now the mess under my bed isn't entirely my fault....

My lovely girl Peno here is a little bit of a scaredycat. (she spent the first three weeks with me under the bed). The bed is her safe place and she's built a bit of a nest there. Socks, underpants, t-shirts, spare bits of wool... she drags it all under there.

So it was quite and adventure.

I also cleaned off my dressers, put my clothes away (which reminds me I have to get a load out of the dryer) and closed ALL the drawers.. properly. It's too bad Dave isn't here this weekend... he'd probably have a stroke if he saw the room this clean.

So you must be wondering why I'm doing all this and who are these strange men? (especially since Dave's no where to be seen).

Well I am so excited.... tomorrow... permitting the weather holds long enough.... I am getting my very own big girl bed! I bought it all by myself. This is very exciting for me because I've never had a new bed. The earliest bed I can remember used to be my brother's bunk beds.. and they were probably old when he got them (Mom how old were they?) The bed after that came from an ex boyfriend ( I was about 15 or 16)It was as single bed. I had that until just after I met Dave (5 years ago).... and let me tell you, sharing a single bed with a boy over 6 feet with shoulders to match is only romantic until about 3 a.m. and you're being pushed off. Fortunately, my brother moved out soon after and I got his old bed. It's a double. It was great for a while... except he got it when he was about 15 (he's 30 now) and it wasn't exactly a quality bed. It's pretty worn out now. Whenever Dave is over, I end up rolling into him because the middle sags so bad. And I never realized you could feel the springs until I laid on a bed where you couldn't.... and I was up at the Brick doing a story... and well, they hooked me up with a super sweet deal! And even better.... it's a QUEEN size. Tux is gonna love that. The only thing was I didn't think about it until a couple days later... I don't have any queen size sheets... thanks mom for bailing me out on that one.....

So... only one more sleep until my new bed!!!!
EDIT: :( Brick called... no bed for me today... maybe Monday :(


Rhonda said...

I think those bunk beds were Uncle Jeff's. How long do you think you can keep it clean.

Samantha said...

Yay for a new bed!

Come do my room. I have five people's worth of clothes in my room (folded) and a bunch to fold still in the dryer. Oh and I don't have enough dresser or closet space for all my stuff ...

Not fun.

Sorry your new bed didn't come. The brick sucks re: delivery anyway, so they probably would have cancelled regardless of the weather. EVERYONE I know who has had stuff from the brick has had their delivery postponed.

Hatesore said...

Yay! A new bed, that sounds exciting. I'm afraid to look under my bed, yikes. LOL
Have fun with the bed...when it arrives.