Monday, March 24, 2008

I need a nap

Another crazy week with lots to tell
Been working away on stuff for Vineyard Alpacas. I finished an easy little shrug from Interweave knits:
I modified it a little, doing a slightly wider rib and only doing the lace work on the sleeves. This is a really easy way to make a shrug (a rectangle, sewn 1 1/2 inches at each end) and I'll probably being doing more and playing with different lace patterns. If I were to make one for myself, I'd make it a little bit wider, to fit around my chubby arms.

Here is a detailed pic of the lace work:

I'm now working on this:

I made a trip up to Julies to get the Fibre Trends Alpaca pattern and came away with several fibre trends patterns and the latest Rowan magazine. I fell in love with this shawl and really want to do one for myself (probably in white and light green, or two shades of green)

Anyway, it's a pretty easy pattern, although I'm not enjoying knitting 400 and some odd stitches to a row... mom told me I wasn't allowed to complain until I had to 800 stitches in a row.

I'm making one for Vineyard in these colours:

This is yarn from Loverboy and Juno, two very cute alpacas. I'll post pics of the shawl as soon as it's done... hopefully by the end of the week.
I also got my patterns organized this weekend (thanks mom)
Not much is happening on this front. I'm doing a little spring cleaning, adn a bunch of beads from my stash will probably be going up on eBay soon. I have to get organized and start getting my applications together for the shows I want to do this summer... REALLY want to get into Faeryfest!
My house is a mess. This isn't a great surprise but it's actually starting to bug me. Spring must be here... I feel the need to de-clutter. Problem is, when I come home all I want to do it knit. Dave has kindly been doing my dishes when he's here. I hate dishes.... I'd rather scrub the bathroom than do dishes - don't ask why, I'm not sure.

And while I love that he does the dishes... he never puts things in the right places. At first, he wouldn't put things away at all, and just kept piling the dishes on top of each other in the dish pan. Finally he got tired of building towers (because we all know I'm too lazy to put them away) and started to put stuff in the cupboards... but of course, nothing is where I would put it if I acutally put it away. (I am very organized, when I actually put things away) I strongly suspect he's putting things away in the wrong spots on purpose (like he's trying to make a point or something.. can't imagine what it could be) because he'll put the small spoons in with the big spoons, even though the small spoons are in an obviously separate spot.... same goes for plates and bowls... he just stacks them all together even though I have seperate stacks.
Anyway, I probably won't get to de-cluttering this week.. so instead I did the next best thing to make myself feel better. I bought flowers.....

Like my vase?... it was actually a bottle of wine....

Oh and there was lonely gerbera that just didn't fit so it got it's own vase. (No I'm not really a lush..... though it might make the clutter less bothersome..... hmmm)

We aren't even going to talk about this... put it this way... fell off the wagon so hard I have bruises on my bum... will talk about it next week when I've found the strength to climb back on. (I did buy strawberries and bananas and apples with groceries this week though)

Work is insane.. I'm writing so much I think eventually I'm going to run out of words....
So... now I'm going to sit down, watch Rome ( need a James Purefoy fix)
Then climb into bed with Tux
and my new book
(which I read in a day yesterday but was so good I'm going to read it agian)


Anonymous said...

I have a solution for your dish problem, I have suffered from it too. A dishwasher. It did wonders for me.

I have never heard of that author, will check it out at the library today.

Rhonda said...

I don't think de-cluttering was ever your strong suit. wahahahah

Samantha said...

I second the dishwasher idea. I could not live without mine.

I feel the need to declutter and such as well, but it is hard to declutter when there are stupid renovations happening and everything is just out of sorts.

Hatesore said...

Most time I love the dishwasher. Although sometimes, I know this is gonna sound crazy but I actually find peace of mind and de-stress by doing dishes the old fashioned way. LOL
I hear ya about clutter, it drives me crazy and I don't know what to do with anything. I suck at orangizing, eeesh!