Monday, August 4, 2008

Another weekend gone

This is why I don't believe him when he tells me he doesn't like cats:

Despite what this picture may suggest, this weekend was anything but a lazy one...

We did a lot of running around, mostly looking for elusive car parts... fortunately, Dave was doing all the driving, so it gave me a fair bit of time to knit.(Even though he whines about the fluffies that get left behind in the car). Couple that with a lengthy visit with my grandparents, and the fact that the rest of the time Dave was monopolizing my computer (I taught him how to play Civilizations) I got a lot of knitting done.

On Thursday after reading a post by Samantha about frogging a project, I got inspired to go through my knitting stuff, frog anything I was never going to finish, and just generally take stock.

I only frogged a couple of projects (my own designs that weren't working out) but I also discovered this:
I started this project last fall intending to make it for Sam's Ethan for Christmas. For some strange reason, I got the front, back and one sleeve done and then put it away and didn't touch it again. It's far too small for Ethan now (sorry kiddo), but it will make a nice Christmas present for my neice, Rowan. I finished up the sleeve on Thursday, and finished it on Friday. Again, being so close to the end, I don't know why I never finished it.

Another project I started and have been meaning to get back to is this:

Elisabeth Lavold's Liv. I bought the yarn for this ages ago from Julie (RY Classics 100 per cent Baby Alpaca) I finished the front and the back then put it away. After finishing the baby sweater Friday night, I cast on for the first sleeve and had it done Sunday night. One more sleeve to go. This one is for myself. This is the second sweater I've made myself -- the first was a bit of an experiment with angora yarn... it stretched (fine yarn on big needles), and felted on the underarms, so I was terribly dissapointed. Hopefully this one looks nice.
I also took Dave's Leo up to mom to fix the arms (which are about 4 inches too long) and the collar (which is way too big and looks like a scoop neck)
So, I'm making progress, and once I get Liv off the needles, all I'll have left unfinished it Dad's Christmas sweater, Mom's Christmas Surprise, a felted purse, Norbert and Dragon Scales... not bad.
I really want to cast on Icarus with the green silk I hand painted, but I want to get a few things off the needles first... oh I did cast on for this yesterday:
Paisley's dolly was tired of running around in just painted on underwear.


Samantha said...

When Michael says he hates cats, I believe it because he'd never in a million years, let a cat anywhere near him. LOL Dave is a liar! LOL

Ethan looks forward to the 18 month size sweater you will be making for him. ;)

I love that doll dress. I assume you made the pattern?? Lily's dolls need it ... desperately. They don't even have painted on underwear.

Jenn said...

Cute,the doll reminds me of pebbles from the flintstones.

Rhonda said...

I think we need to send that picture to Rose Kim Knits for what not to wear. hahahahha
Glad you're getting Liv done though.

Alisha said...

Definatly he is hiding something from you...that he is in fact a cat person! LOL

My dad's cat use to always lie on his chest like that. One day my dad had fallen asleep and so the cat was there (had curled up while my dad was sleeping) and for whatever reason my dad didn't pay too much attention to the cat...normally he would have pat him...even gave him a little kiss, well he was so happy he had not. When he shooed the cat off and sat up, a half a mouse fell off his chest to the ground LOL

Maybe that would make Dave truly hate cats if that happen to him.

Nice little sweater for Ethan and I love the doll dress.