Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Fish Tail

Well... there'll be no baby Angels for me... at least not this time around. It looks like Papa Angel was a little slow on the uptake and didn't fertilize the eggs. After a couple of days they started growing fuzzy, and day after day there were fewer eggs on the pump... either someone was eating them (though unlikely, Mama Angel was doing a good job of guarding them) or they fell off and got sucked up the pump.

Leeniebeenie asked what would happen if they did hatch: Well... once they hatched, they'd still be stuck to the pump in their egg sacs for a couple of days. Since Mama Angel was doing such a good job guarding them, I could wait until they ate thier own egg sacs then they'd be free-swimming. Once they were free-swimming, I could just leave them, but very few would survive (if any). More than likely they'd get sucked up the pump, or eaten by the other fish. I'd need to be quick, but I could net them all (or as many as I could catch) and put them in my breeder (A separate cage which floats in the tank) until they grew big enough to fend for themselves. I used to breed guppies (which is ridiculously easy) so I'm really good at catching near-microscopic fish.

Hopefully Mama Angel will lay another clutch in a few weeks, Papa Angel will hold up his end of the bargin and I'll get some baby Angels.

In other bad news.... I frogged Purity. I was almost ready to cast on the lacey edging when I thought to myself "gee this is taking a long time. I don't remember it taking this long last time" and I perused the pattern again, and sure enough I was increasing on every other row... not every row.

I just haven't had the heart to cast on for it again, so I started making a pinwheel blanket for my friend who is due in the Spring. She won't tell anyone (even herself) what the sex of the baby is, so I hunted forever until I found this yarn, which despite the magenta, should work for either sex. I don't mind pastels... it's just everyone else will probably be giving her pastel baby stuff, and I like to stand out.
I was also doing a little beading this week:

This is probably for something special, but I'm not going to tell you what it's for until I have a few more details confirmed. (Garnets and pearls of course... one of my FAVOURITE combinations). It's not finished yet either... I snapped my last beading needle before I got a chance to finish it!


Rhonda said...

Very pretty. Too bad about Purity, that sux!

Lydee said...

your bead work is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by.

Angelika said...

Sorry to hear about the little angels. Good luck next time. I love the beads and the blanket is pretty, even for a boy.

Jeanne said...

Too bad about the little angels - hopefully next time! Love the blanket - and the beading is beautiful.