Monday, January 19, 2009

Wee ones

Sorry for the length between posts, but I haven't been doing a whole lot of knitting lately. Mostly I've been playing Big Kahuna Reef (damn you PopCap).

Despite that I did manage to get the pinwheel blanket done for my friend's forthcoming baby.
It's pretty psychedelic, and as you can see from the picture, it's kinda trippin' Tux out. If it looks a little odd to all of you who have made the pinwheel before, that's because I randomly reveresed the direction of the yarn overs to make it a little more exciting. I really like the pinwheel pattern, but once it gets so big, I get a little bored, so that helped to keep my interest. Despite that, I was glad to see the back end of that one.

I also found out that there is another baby due in August. This one will be born to one of Dave's good friends. I don't believe they know any other knitters, so I'd like to get a few things done for them before the baby is born. It's too soon to know what sex it will be and we don't know if they want to know yet, so I decided to test knit a pattern designed by mom.
It's a cute little top down hoodie with a basket weave design. I have decided to try adn knit only from my stash (because I have no money for wool) and was lucky that I had this lovely sage green yarn which is perfect for boy or girl. It's Mary Maxim Mellowspun. I picked up 10 balls for 97 cents about a year ago with the intention of designing something. But I don't have the time for designing right now, so it's going for a better use. I expect it will be done by the weekend, and then it's just a matter of scouring the button jars for the perfect buttons.


Rhonda said...

I think I like the sage green. The pinwheel looks good too. Babies like bright colours.

Jeanne said...

I like the pinwheel blanket - and love the picture of Tux - too funny!

Samantha said...

I like that little sweater. Its adorable! The pinwheel blanket looks great ... poor confused Tux. LOL

leeniebeenie said...

I wish I had as good a luck as you did with the yarn find. I love the pinwheel blanket and your cat is so funny I have one of my ginger cat yawning and he looks like a ticked off tiger. I love catching them off gaurd those are the best photos. The sweater is very sweet and I love the color.

sue said...

The hoodie looks great so far. I like the color of it. I am sure that baby will love the pinwheel blanket with all those wonderful colors.