Friday, August 28, 2009

Falling Behind

Well I've been back to work for most of the week and I just want to say.... Can I go back on vacation???

Actually it hasn't been that bad, just a really long short week. I picked up some extra shifts at Job# 2, so it feel like I've done nothing but work since Tuesday night. I got off Job # 1 early today and I don't have to work at Job #2 tonight, but I've been using most of the day to catch up on housework and Wandering Cat business, so it's not like I've been relaxing.. or knitting.

And speaking of knitting... UFO August is kind of a bust for me. I only got one project off the needles. I know August isn't over yet, but I'm working tomorrow, and Monday I picked up another shift at job #2, so both those days are a bust. If Dave absolutely leaves me alone Saturday night and all of Sunday (highly unlikely, the boy can't sit still for five minutes) I might be able to finish my fan shawl. But I doubt that will happen.

Also, I kinda negated the whole casting off one project by casting on for this:
It's the long version of the Wollmeise ankle sock. I was going to have Mom test knit it (so I wouldn't have to make a full length sock), but Julie has her on a deadline so it was wait or do it myself. Since I really want to get this pattern out I decided to suck it up and do it myself.

I did get a nice little present today, thanks to my wonderful MomA set of Knit Picks Harmony DPNS, and some much needed stitch markers. Technically it's not really a present, it's a trade for the Addi Click cords I bought her, but I like presents better than trades... so it's a present.

So now that cleaning and business and blogging are done, I'm off to knit until Dave shows up and spoils it all.


Samantha said...

I wish someone would buy me some knitpicks needles. I've been pointing them out to Michael for eons. LOL

Yay for some time to knit. I haven't had any time today. I'm hoping to get a minute or two in tonight after the kids are in bed.

Rhonda said...

You are such a child sometimes. Every day would be your birthday if you could get away with it.

Jeanne said...

Love the new socks - I hope you get time to knit this weekend!

And UFO August is just a guideline - the important part is to be happy with what you are doing!

Have a great weekend!

lexa said...

The weather crapped out my weekend, of course. Should have known cuz that woodsmen's competition in town always gets rained on. Always. Anyways, Danny was downgraded to a tropical depression, but we still have a heavy rainfall warning. We went to the camper last night and arrived home right after breakfast since it was raining. Now we've only got next Saturday or Sunday to use our park coupons. So the rest of the weekend will be spent cooking up meals for Hubs to take to work next week, watching tv, knitting, and finishing up laundry. :)

Knitting Linguist said...

I do love my Harmony dpns -- have fun with those! I hope you got lots of knitting done before disturbance arrived in male form :)

Alisha said...

That is a great set of needles.