Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crappity crap crap

Well I got another camera. I took pictures of the grey socks and the lone maroon sock; of rocky and the mess he made of my Japanese Peace Lily; of Peno and her water dish shenanigans, of Tux in all his fat roly poly glory.... but I can't show you any of it because I can get the @$^&#&*** camera to download... on ANY of the THREE computers in the house.

It just keeps telling me the USB device is not recognized, and I swear if I see that insipid, unhelpful bubble pop up one more time, I'm gonna hurt someone - so I've given up. Dave can fix it... that's what he's for, right?
It's not the USB ports, other devices work fine. It's not necessarily the camera, as it did this to me with my last camera just before I got this one. It might be the USB cable I suppose... but the other camera used a different cable, and what are the chances they are both screwed? I guess it's possible but unlikely.
So, tomorrow I'm going to take it up to mom's and see if it will work on her computer.

Until the, I'll leave you with the lovely new yarns in the shop...

Continuing the Wicked line we have........ Bad Moon Rising Sleepy Hollow
and Belladonna

There are also more Poison Apple and Witching Hour up if you wanted those and missed out last time (Belladonna is gone now though, as is Darkwaters - if you really wanted either of those email me at and I'll see what we can do).
We also got more naked yarn today, so expect to see more coming soon. And stay tuned for a special contest announcement.


Not ready for handspun said...

If you are working with iPhoto you can choose "Import photos" through the menu which sometimes works.

Technology can be soooo frustrating! Another reason to knit.

Samantha said...

I hate it when cameras don't work how they are supposed to. I just got my good camera back and working -- finally got some decent batteries. :)

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm sorry about the camera -- that's so frustrating! But the yarns are gorgeous :)

Lee said...

The yarn looks super. I love the bad moon rising.

I am so excited for my package! Thanks again!

Jeanne said... - can't stand when it doesn't work!

Love the new yarn...sigh...I really need January (and my yarn budget) to come soon!