Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ah, perfection!

We all have different ways of relieving stress - a way to get away from it all for a minute, and hour, a day or two. For Dave, it's a weekend of guitar at the cottage (which is where he is now) for me, it's good movie and a cat purring in my lap. Some times I draw, make jewellry or dye yarn (which I did yesterday - see picture) - anything that lets my creativity flow.

And for most knitters, it's our knitting. Of course at times, knitting to add to our stress - such as a messed up lace pattern and a UFO in the time out chair (which is where the Fluffy Cat shawl is until I can get mom to fix it).

But there are those knitting projects that just seem to melt it all away. The ones you just enjoy so much that each stitch seems to lead to nirvana.

For me, it's my crackghan. There is something just so mellow and sublime about building an afghan square by tiny 2.5 inch square (yeah - that's how small they are).

I just finished cleaning out my UFO basket - there are two sweaters, a baby blanket, a chunky afghan, and a pair of socks - each one is tempting to work on, but after the week I've had, nothing is calling me quite like the allure of the trance-like knitting of the crackghan.

Add to that the can of Heiniken (I don't drink beer often, but I do love me a good Heiney!) that Dave left me (thanks babe - you're the bestest!) and it's pure bliss. So I'm off to it.

What are your favourite stress-relieving projects?


lexa said...

Knitting is a good stress relief. I also just got done playing Wii Boxing. I don't really have a clue what I'm doing, but it's a good feeling to knock the other person out, lol, without really hurting anyone (or getting smacked back!).

LeslieA said...

I find that knitting socks is very good stress relief. Your crackghan is looking good - I look forward to seeing pics of it when it's finished.

Abby said...

Mindless knitting is stress relieving, as is yoga. And then there is the monthly massage!

Lee said...

I love just sitting a knitting at the end of a hard day. I can ignore stuff that way, because when people ask me stuff I can say hold on I am counting... Hahah.

Anonymous said...

For stress relieving -- it's probably a good book.

For relaxing while everyone else is watching TV or on the computer? Socks!

I'm real tempted to start on of those mitred square blankies. Lord knows I'll have enough "scraps".

Your blankie is GORGEOUS!

Monika said...

Oh the lilac/green skein looks gorgeous!
Unfortunately when I'm stressed I tend to eat too much. When I'm grumpy and stressed, and am NOT eating, taking the dogs out to play always makes me smile.

Susan said...

Mindless knitting, miles of stockinette, and lately, spinning.