Monday, January 25, 2010

Ikea - how I love and hate you

As most readers know, most of the time, my work area (which is my living room) looks something like this:(actually this is an old picture... today it was much worse)

I've been toying with the idea of getting a new coffee table for a while, one with some sort of storage option so I can keep the top tidier- so Ikea to the rescue. I spent a few hours browsing the website and finally decided on the cheapest one - at $30 you can't really go wrong can you?

So I went to Ikea after work today

First - I think that all the stupid, inconsiderate people must have had a play date because they were ALL at Ikea at 5:30 today. Screaming children running rampant, people texting and shopping (and walking into me), an entire extended family arguing over a sofa and clogging up the aisle, etc. You name it - if it was dumb and inconsiderate they did it.

Bad shopping experience aside, I got out of there with a coffee table, floor lamp, and hanging sweater organizer for $80 - not bad. Of course, someone did try to back into me in the parking lot ... twice (once while I was walking to my car, and a second driver who tried to back into my car while I was driving past)

So now to assemble before Dave gets home (1- we don't build well together, 2) he hates all things Ikea and I didn't want to hear about it)

Apparently Ikea is saving money by no longer paying someone to pre-drill holes. They do give you a handy little plastic measuring stick so you you can use a hammer to tap the screw in and mark where the whole is suppose to go. It's a good thing this is particle board and I can drive the screw in with a screwdriver - because I don't know how to use my drill (I have one - and it's mine, not Dave's - but I've never used it... I believe in Women's Liberation, but somethings are just easier to make a boy do... besides what else do I keep him around for?). It's probably not a bad thing though, because those pre-drilled holes never line up right anyway.

So, it went together with relative ease - and I was quite pleased until I turned it over and realized my floor had scratched the very thin veneer - good thing I got the black one - Sharpie marker repair anyone? I also found an old doily which covers the worst of it.

I had no trouble assembling the lamp, but some how manage to smash two light bulbs in the process. The first by lifting the lamp too high and smashing it against the ceiling, and the second shattered in my hand as I was screwing it in.... who needs a drink?

But, the table holds all my stuff beautifully, and the lamp gives me a nice warm glow with some optional directional lighting... and look how nice and tidy it is now?
And why yes, that Barbie is riding a Siberian Tiger on the lamp...
Why do you ask?


zoom said...

I really like it. It looks much more grounded than the old one. Good work.

Anonymous said...

I went to IKEA at Christmas time to get a "Billy" bookcase. Never.AGAIN!

People turn into zombies in that place ... they wander aimlessly and clog the aisles with carts full of who knows what kind of junk!

Then to top it off they didn't have the bookcases in the self-serve area where they were said to be. I was just about to walk out without one when lo and behold .... they were at the checkout!

However --- your table looks great! Glad you got it all together. Our bookcase went together pretty easily too.

Susan said...

I love Ikea except when I hate it and I am in awe of you putting it all together by yourself. I can't even figure out the directions.

Lee said...

I like the table very much, I like Ikea too. Great lamp, and "decorative touches" hehe.

lexa said...

Love the new table and lamp!

Lost City Denise said...

Of course Barbie is riding a Siberian Tiger on a lamp. Makes perfect sense to me! But I used to have a vintage parking meter beside the toilet.

My daughter wanted it when she moved out - I gave it to her with the caveat that it wouldn't go beside her bed.

Rhonda said...

Yes, but how long will it stay tidy?

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Ok, I love Ikea (we are probably going tonight actually) but I have to say I HATE most of the people who shop there - I will never go on a weekend. They are slow, rude, loud, rude, and just rude. But I love the stuff and it is like 5 minutes from my house so I try to go weeknights when it is cold. Less people then. I refuse to go with when they have to take my boyfriendds cousin in the summer because he is homesick (he is from Stockholm so they go every summer when he visits - weird - but I did learn that most of the names for stuff don't actually mean anything, they are just made up words).

And I am surprised about the fact you had to screw in without a hole pre-drilled, but I did have one item that I had to do that on, so maybe one line just wants it to be freehand. Most of our house is from Ikea, so I am a pro at assembly most of the time (seriously like my office, the spare storage room, my bathroom, the kitchen, and everything but the couch in the living room are from there - and even the couch will be soon). It looks like you did a great job on the table though. And it is much more organized now.

Monika said...

I'm with you there. I've bought a lot from IKEA, but it's been a while. I hate being there. It's always noisy, and too many people are standing always in the way. My coffee table (not IKEA) is kind of like a trunk. It's full of magazines (nobody probably ever reads again), and on top is my crafty mess.
What did Dave say?
Did you get a (well deserved) drink?

Jeanne said...

Very nice! Its amazing what a great deal that store is - and congrats on getting it together!