Monday, February 22, 2010

Be careful what you wish for

I've been extremely jealous of all those people who have been enjoying my nice snowy Canadian winter, despite the fact they are not in Canada. Here (in my part of Canada at least) we got squat.

I am one of those crazy people who likes snow. I love how it looks, I love the stillness in the air as it falls, I love how it crunches under your feet. I love sitting inside curled up with my knitting and a hot chocolate as it covers the outside in pure, angelic white. I even love it as it warms up, and it starts to melt. Being outside in the warmth of the sun as the snow melts and spring returns is a great feeling.

But here, on the south end of Lake Ontario - we've had none of that. Oh we've a had a few dustings... but mostly it's been grey and dreary... and grey and dreary is no fun unless there is snow!

But that all changed today. I wish I had taken pictures before the sun went down... it's very pretty.

Not so pretty to drive in though - the 15 minute drive from my Mom's took almost twice that long as I enjoyed near-zero visibility. And then - when I got home - there was no milk for my hot chocolate! (Thanks Dave....why is it so hard to send me a quick email that says "hey I used all the milk" so I can pick some up on the way home???)

So, snow - can you go away and come back when I don't have to drive and can enjoy a nice milky hot chocolate?

At least I still have knitting.

I did manage to step away from the crackghans a for a few hours after blogging last night and I did some more work on Tea Leaves. (Well snow, at least you're keeping it cold enough for me to wear this)

I've got about six inches or so left for the final sleeve:
(I've got the work camera for the week - and it gives a much
better representation of the colour of this yarn - gorgeous!)

Once the sleeve is done, I'm taking out the cast off on the body. I made the body shorter than the pattern (I have a short torso) but I think I skimped a little on the garter stitch. The edge keeps folding up and I want to see if a few more rows will keep it from doing that. After that, it's just the button bands and the quest for the perfect buttons - I think I can finish it this week!

So, I'm off to it.

If I can get it back, that is..


Abby said...

It sounds like we traded winters this year. I'm enjoying having snow cover for more than a few days at a time. For my cold weather treat, I mix cocoa and sugar in equal parts, and put a big spoonful into a cup of decaf along with a dollop of half 'n half and a big, fat marshmallow. mmmmm...

Amy and The House of Cats said...

See, we get snow all the time here (we got about 6 inches last night) and believe me, I am not a fan. I would send all of it up to you if I could!

Hey, have I ever told you how much my cats are insane over those catnip toys you made - they keep ending up under the sofa (which is a very high compliment, even if it doesn't sound that way) and I have to keep fishing them out. Barney is so crazy with them that I can't even get any good pictures - he is fast and twisty and he carries them and then as soon as I have the camera he drops it and bats it around. You should serious consider selling them. I don't know if it is the yarn you used (which, by the way, made it enjoyable for humans too) or the special Canadian cat nip. But you could seriously sell them and make tons!

Not ready for handspun said...

Ah yes, my 40 minute drive home from work took almost 2 hours. And can you believe, one of the slow downs was because CBC was blocking a lane on Kingston Road to film people struggling on the inclines !?!!

TheBlackSheep said...

No way! Another person who likes snow? I thought I was the only one. I've been mourning The Great Melting this week. It's back to mud now. I'm not happy. I want my cozy knitting back.

Cocoa, sugar/Splenda and cream mixed with water makes a really nice treat too. Or hot apple juice with a cinnmon stick. Or a good cup of tea (Harney and Sons Holiday blend or dark chocolate mint goes well with snow).

Monika said...

I, like you LOVE snow. But I don't want to curl up and look outside, I have to be in the snow. If I wouldn't feel so foolish I would be making snow angels every time we get new snow. :o)I always listen to the forecast so I'm set with groceries, and don't have to go out.

lexa said...

We only got snow three times that had to be shovelled. That's unusual for us, but when it decided to snow here it snowed A LOT! Thursday is on the bubble -- they are saying rain or snow, and Friday they say rain and windy. The snow we got last week has melted almost totally away already, it was been above freezing every day.

RobinH said...

It's those sneaky bastards down in the mid-Atlantic states.. stole all our snow, and then acted all innocent, like they didn't even want it. *pouts* (New England isn't terribly snowy this winter either.)

The sweater looks great! You may have to open a can of tuna to ransom it, however!

Knitting Linguist said...

Your sweater has been possessed. I love that color, though! And your snow sounds lovely. I feel the same way about our lack of rain -- I love cold, gray, rainy days, and we just haven't had any to speak of, sigh.

Mo said...

Madeline Tosh, I presume?
Your sweater is beautiful! I think the M. Tosh (sweater) yarn enjoyed by the kitties must be the equivalent of "Grey Poupon" in the mustard world. You never know...

Great job!

P.S. I love snow too!

Jeanne said...

You can have all the snow we have been getting - and yes, its snowing right now - I'm really tired of it!

Enjoy your snow!

Susan said...

Come here and get the snow, I think we got yours by mistake. It's snowing again right now.