Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend update

It was a pretty quiet one here at Chez Wandering Cat, but relatively productive. Saturday was cold and wet as the storm that blew in turned to freezing rain. Today was much nicer and Dave and I did get out to enjoy the sunshine and a nice long walk. But, most of it was spent indoors. Dave killed zombies and played guitar, while I attempted to make pie crust.

And what did I learn from this exercise? It's much easier to just buy the pre-made pie crust. But I did manage to make some tasty apple tarts in the process:They don't look like much but I promise they are delicious! Just don't eat them without a napkin or plate. The crust tastes fine, but it just won't hold together.

Over the course of the weekend I mostly worked on the crackghan - almost done another row - but I also cast on for that unbloggable project I mentioned earlier:As it is unbloggable, this is all I'm going to show you. And all I'm going to tell you is that it's made from our lovely new Slinky Cat Fingering - a fantastic yarn to knit with. Right now there is only one colourway left in the shop (Copper Penny, which is rich and warm and just beautiful) but hopefully there will be more soon.

I also cast on for my 3rd shawl of the 10. I started working on the Chicago Shawl, but in the end decided it wasn't the result I wanted with the yarn - so I started designing my own. Right now it is just a giant blob of knitting:
This yarn is Fiddlesticks Country Silk - and it has the most unusual texture. It's a wool/silk blend, though you wouldn't know it by looking at it. It's rough, but not scratchy, and at the same time the knitted fabric has a really nice sproing that makes it... comforting. It's really hard to describe.

So that's the excitement for this weekend. I'm off to heat up some tarts and get out the ice cream. I'll leave you with a better look at the results of Friday's dye day:
They will be in the shop soon.


Jeanne said...

I wish I could give you advice on pie crust - I usually buy the roll out ones! But the tarts look very good...

I love the unbloggable project - can't wait to see more.

You know how I feel about the new yarn - gorgeous!

Rhonda said...

Remind me to take my house key away from you. There is this guy I know, his name is Robin Hood, he has a wonderful box of pie crust mix, just add water. He's helped me out a lot over the years.

Monika said...

Mmmh, your tarts make me want some apple strudel. I think I can smell them! :o)
We did get snow all the way, no rain, but it was melting away like crazy today, so warm. Best snow for snowball fight, which we had last night. :o)

lexa said...

I go for boughten pie crust, too. It's so much easier!

We've got major flooding here. I came to work today - eventually - many detours, branches down, roads flooded. I'll have pictures posted on my blog later on today. We measured, the water is 4' from the store's front door!