Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rain, cold and some slush just to make it interesting

As Dave so eloquently put it... Mother Nature's a B@#$*!

After a week of lovely sun and spring like weather, Mother Nature turned the furnace off and turned on the hose. It's been a chilly weekend. Not a good clean winter cold - but the damp, shivering cold that seeps right into your bones and makes you glad you knit socks!

So after spending Saturday with my bestest friend and her absolutely adorable family (including a husband who can cook.... Michael, can you give Dave a few lessons?), and after whipping up some potatoes for to the Shepherd's Pie, I sent Dave off to the cottage, snuggled up with the cats and finished off my heart socks:The pattern is Piece of My Heart and the yarn is our Top Cat in "Candy Girl".
This was a nice little pattern, easy to follow and pretty quick to knit, but if I were to do it again I'd go down to a 2.0 mm needle, as my knitting is a bit loose, and as a result so are the socks.

I'd also pay attention to modifications I made on the first sock but neglected on the second:I don't know how well you can see it in the picture, but the top (and first) sock has 1-1 rib, the other has 2-2. I realized just before I started turning the heel. but thought "What's knit is knit" and just kept going. No biggie really.

The only other mod I made was on the last two back hearts at the heel and the last two front hearts at the toe. I modified the pattern so it ended in a point, and didn't start another heart.

Now what to cast on for next....?

I really want to try out my Wood Nymph so that would mean another pair of socks, but I'm starting to fall behind my schedule for 10 Shawl in 2010, so maybe Citron... but then I've bought a pattern for the cutest little pin cushion .... and of course today is the day I'm short an hour! Damn!


lexa said...

I finished up a pair of socks tonight and realized doing the toe that I had messed up the second sock. I was supposed to decrease to 16sts after the gusset, and for some strange reason I only decreased to 17sts. I adjusted the toe to finish off to my 20sts, didn't wanna rip back 30 rows to fix it, figured two stitches shouldn't make that much difference, the recipient will not notice, it looked the same as the first sock when held together. Is that enough justification? lol! Really it's killing me cuz I'm anal that way. But it's a time limit gift, has to be wrapped for gifting on Thursday, and I have another pair that has been started tonight and has the same timeline. Plus I work the next two days full days. I hope I've managed to convince myself that the boo boo is okay.... (I totally obsess too much, I know!)

Monika said...

That pin cushion is adorable! It I would like to do fiddly stuff, I would love to make this one, but I don't. Lovely socks! Nobody looks that close, to see the ribbing! :o)

Not ready for handspun said...

Cold, rain, slush? Sounds like good weather for sock knitting and sock wearing! Nice socklets!

Knitting Linguist said...

I have to admit I really resent losing that hour of knitting -- whose idea was this daylight savings thing anyway?! The socks are gorgeous, though; can't wait to see what you knit up next.

Samantha said...

It was great to see you! I'm glad you enjoyed dinner. YAY!