Thursday, March 18, 2010

Signs of Spring

.... the sun is shining, it's warm...

...the crocuses are popping up beneath my wild roses and mass of newspapers that blew in the garden over the winter...
The windows are open and the cats are stretching their little noses to catch a breeze...... it must be spring!

I too was feeling a little bit of spring fever today. But unlike the cats, sniffing at the window just doesn't cut it for me.

Instead, after work, I rolled down all the car windows, cranked the stereo and took the long way home, enjoying the sunshine.

And I made a little stop at one of my favourite stores - Lens Mills. For those who don't know, Lens Mills is kind of like a surplus store - they buy up old stock from other companies and sell it off. But, they also have a great selection of yarn, fabrics and other crafty stuff. The one in Port Dover is the best, and I've heard the one in Brantford is great, but the one in Stoney Creek suits me just fine - and it's closer to home.

While there, I picked up two skein of Patons Stretch Sock:
Since we started dying yarn, I said I wasn't going to buy any more yarn for socks. But I've been wanting to test the Stretch for a while... and the colour just spoke to me.

I also came across some lovely flannel remnants:
I had planned to make a blanket for one of the impending arrivals, but the price was so good and the fabric so cute, I just couldn't leave the store without it. There is about two yards of each. Sewing a blanket will be much quicker than knitting one anyway.

Of course the cats had to thoroughly expect it as soon as I brought it out:I hope the baby likes cat hair! :)

My final purchase was a new wicker basket. I need it for the crackghan supply, which has kinda outgrown its old basket: Every time I turned around balls of yarn were spilling all over the place, which just entices Rocky to run off with them!

I've been looking around at some - but the prices on wicker baskets these days just seems exorbitant! None of the thrift stores or flea markets we've visited have had any baskets big enough. But Lens had just the thing and it was only $6!:I still had to keep the cage (which was leftover from Christmas bubble bath) but that's okay, it's perfect for the smaller balls that get lost easy.

I haven't touched Citron for the last two days. Instead I've been knitting socks. I'll probably pick Citron up again on the weekend. I really want to finish it because watching Smoking Hot Needles knit up her Fluffy Cat into a beautiful shawl is making me want to crack open a skein and start Bitter Root!


Susan said...

It is spring here, too! Isn't it glorious? My kitty is at the open window every chance he gets.

Monika said...

I've only been to Guelph once and I think my daughter schlepped me to a Lens Mills there. It had yarn, and fabric and what not. It was fun to go through it all, and shop too. :o)
I've knit socks with stretch sock yarn before, it also had a little cotton but it was from Knit Picks. I liked those socks very much, especially for Spring time. I still have stretch sock yarn somewhere in my stash, should make myself a pair.
Lovely basket you've got there, but it's already overflowing! :o) You either have to get a bigger one or knit faster! :o)

Anonymous said...

Crackghan is looking pretty good.

lexa said...

Love the blanket material! You sure have a lot of crackghan material.

Knitting Linguist said...

You found some great stuff! That wicker basket looks like it was just what you need, I love seeing all those little balls of yarn ready to go :)

Jeanne said...

Looks like you had a good shopping trip - very nice basket for $6!

Enjoy the spring weather! We have the windows open and the dogs and cats are fighting to sit in them...