Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's not fair!

Yesterday, Dave decided that we'd take a little road trip to his cottage to help his uncle build a new shed.

The weather was beautiful, so despite the fact that I really wanted to stay home, I tagged along. I took Zetor with me because I knew I was only a few repeats away from finishing it.

Despite Dave's protestations (he doesn't like fibre "fluffies" in his pristine car) I knit all the way there. Then I camped out on the back porch of the cottage and while the boys were building, I was knitting.

And lo and behold Zetor is done!
I apologize for the EXTREMELY crappy picture - but I wanted to prove that I did indeed cast off. As you can see, the yellow is almost the same colour of my pine floors, but I have no energy to go upstairs and get a sheet for better contrast.

Why do I have no energy? Well all that fresh cottage air did something to my cold. It's like all those cold germie got a breath of that fine Lake Erie wind, and decided to have an orgy and multiply! Oh, and on top of it - I'm sunburned!

By the time Dave and I got home, I was ready to find a hole to curl up and die in. I haven't had a cold this bad in a very, very, very long time. It's so bad, I actually slept on the couch last night so I wouldn't keep Dave awake with my coughing. Normally I'd make HIM sleep on the couch - because I LOVE my bed - but I knew I wasn't going to be sleeping anyway.

I did manage to sneak in an hour or two between the coughing, hacking, and spilling out a lung on the living room floor.

We took a quick walk to the drug store this morning and stocked up on NyQuil and Neo Citron, so I have a feeling I'll be catching up on my sleep very soon. And besides, there is a very handsome boy waiting in the bed for me:... and you thought it was Dave!

***Proper pictures of Zetor will come once my cold abates, and Zetor gets re-dyed (too much pine yellow for my taste) and blocked. Stay tuned.


Monika said...

Congrats on finishing Zetor! A handsome boy indeed! :o)
Get well soon!

zoom said...

You're such a trooper, blogging when you're sick. I recommend Neo Citran and gin. You'll still be sick, but it won't matter as much.

Get better soon!

Jeanne said...

I hope you feel better soon - terrible time of year to be sick!

Congrats on finishing the shawl - can't wait to see more pictures of it!

TheBlackSheep said...

Hope you feel better soon. There's nothing worse than a bad cold in spring/summer.

Lindsay said...

I think my cold is on the way out while yours is on the way in. Try Mucinex... it's the only thing that made it get better for me rather than Nyquil just kind of calming down the symptoms.

lexa said...

Hope you are feeling better asap!

Samantha said...

Feel better soon!! Great job finishing!

Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your cold! I hope you feel better REALLY soon :)