Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today is an unexpected day off. I got into work, and the power was out to the entire business park, with no word on when they will be able to get it back on, so I got sent home. I took advantage of the sunny morning I slipped across the mountain to Mom's, borrowed her camera and lovely mannequin and had a little impromptu photo session with my Sea Silk shawl.

I have to say, there is nothing that I don't like about this shawl. Once again, the pattern is Frozen Leaves and it was a pleasure to knit. Even when it got wider and it was taking forever to knit a row, I loved it. I love watching the leaves grow, and have now favourited hundreds of patterns on Ravelry that feature leaf motifs. I love the lace at the bottom too, it complements the leaves perfectly.

I love the yarn. It's Hand Maiden Sea Silk in 'Woodland' and the colour is a mix of earthy brown and green with a touch of blue. It truly is the colours of a dark mysterious forest.

Even the fact that it is so damn slippery to work with can easily be overlooked when you feel the fabric it creates. It's light, it's silky and has such a beautiful drape to it. As soon as I put it on I immediately feel like a forest faerie princess. I makes me want to tell Dave he has to take me out somewhere special so I can wear my little black dress and spice it up with the shawl.

One of the things I love about silk is that it's surprisingly warm. Despite it's light and lacey fabric, it still keeps away the chill when wrapped around your shoulders.

When mom gave me the yarn, while I loved it on sight, I was apprehensive. This was far too nice to knit with - what if I screwed it up? But this was a great shawl to use it for. Not only does it work with the pattern, but it's a pattern I know I can do, and that I will love the results when finished. The picture to the left gives a much more accurate idea of the colour.

My only misgiving about the yarn (and it's not enough to curb my enthusiasm for it - believe me) is that it smells when it gets wet or damp. I'm assuming it's the sea cell content, because it kind of smells like rotting vegetation. It's not overly powerful or unpleasant - just odd. And when it's dry, I can't smell it at all. So, no wearing this one in the rain.

And I love the size of this one. While the one I made in Top Cat will always have a special place in my heart, this is now my favourite shawl. It's about 65 inches wide - a real shawl, not a shawlette.

My modifications on this one are:
a) I did nine repeats of the leaf motif (pattern calls for seven)
b) I used fingering weight yarn on a 4.5 mm needle (pattern call for lace on 3.5 mm)
c) I shortened chart two as I did on the Top Cat version, because I was worried about running out of yarn - I probably could have gotten away with less leaves and more lace, but the leaves were so much fun to knit, plus the leaves are why I love the pattern.
d) I also shortened chart 3 by two rows, simply because I prefer patterns in multiples of three whenever possible.

Now, so long as the power stays off until about 1 p.m., I won't have to go back into work.... what to do with all that time?

Will I clean the house?

No. I think I'll go knit... another shawl perhaps?

* Edit - I hit publish, put the kettle on and the phone rang... power was back on at work... no free knitting day for me :(


Monika said...

Beautiful shawl! I agree with everything you said about the sea silk yarn. I just realized that I'm looking forward reading your daily blog posts, and I'm looking for them to pop up. :o)
Of course you've got to KNIT on your extra day off! :o)

Knitting Linguist said...

Definitely knitting. The shawl is gorgeous!! I love that colorway, and the pattern is beautiful. I'm wearing my seasilk scarf now, and thinking it's getting to be time to cast on for something else in one of my much-hoarded skeins. Did this one take two skeins, or...?

lexa said...

It's gorgeous!

Rhonda said...

Remind me to take away my house key.

Not ready for handspun said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

TheBlackSheep said...

Gorgeous! It looks really quite at home amongst the trees.

Don't all natural fibres smell when wet? I used to hate the smell of my woollys when I washed them.

Kiki said...

Your shawl is gorgeous!! Too bad your unexpected day off got cut a bit short!

Jeanne said...

The shawl is gorgeous! I love the colorway and I really need to add this pattern to my "make it soon" list.

I like Seasilk - I used it to make my mother a scarf and I know just what you mean about the smell - but I thought it was the silk.

Very pretty! And I hope you enjoyed your day off and weekend!

Mo said...

Your shawl and the yarn color are both stunning! I already downloaded the frozen leaves shawl pattern to my computer. Now if I only had the extra money, I get that colorway in a heartbeat.

Soon very soon...

Anonymous said...

What a Beautiful Shawl!