Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lazy Sunday

As I've said before lazy Sundays are my favourite days.

And this Sunday was one of the laziest.

While we did get out of bed a little earlier (9:30ish) I didn't change out of my pajamas until the late afternoon.

Much of the day has been spent watching movies and knitting (shawls and socks). But, since I felt I needed to do something just a little more intellectual, I took the boys outside again for another reading session. And this time I took my camera:
I'm not sure why they want to go outside so badly (Tux has taken to yelling at doors whenever I get near them) because they just do what they do inside:Which is mostly lay around and be fat.But as you can tell, he's so pleased to be outside.

Unfortunately, our evening outing got cut a little short. The neighbourhood birds have taken to roosting in the tree we were relaxing under......and not only was it starting to feel like an Alfred Hitchcock movie, it was also very hard to avoid the "bombings".

Tomorrow, there will be no more lazing about - it's up to Mom's for a little dye session. I wish every weekend was a long weekend!


Monika said...

Such pretty photos of your cats! I could just ly down beside them and snooze off!

Anonymous said...

Must be cooler at your house than at our house. There will be no knitting outside here. Too hot! Too humid! Too miserable.

Jeanne said...

Love the kitty pics - they look so happy!