Sunday, August 8, 2010

On a roll.

As I've mentioned before, weekends are too darn short. As such, I try to keep mine free - no pressure to do anything, go anywhere unless I feel like it.

However, this weekend - I did have one goal.To finish Dave's Brithday socks. And I did! (Only 18 days late, but who's counting?)

Can you believe I started these in December? Nine whole months to complete. One reason is because he has such big feet - it's much more fun making socks for my dainty little tootsies.

The other reason is the yarn - it didn't have a ball band, but I'm pretty sure it's Opal. Not a bad yarn, but I've been spoiled with our Wandering Cat line.

However, Dave is happy and hasn't taken them off since I gave them to him yesterday afternoon.

And, since I finished them so early in the weekend, I decide to tackle another pair:These, of course, are for me. Again, another yarn I wasn't overly thrilled with, so I had to force myself to finish them.

It's Twisted Fiber Art's Playful in Firefly. The dyeing is beautiful, but the base, while fairly soft, tends to be splitty. I'd much rather knit with her Kabam (a merino/bamboo mix), so I'm saving up for a skein or two.

So, that's two more second socks completed before the summer is over. Only four more to go - and three of those are ankle socks!


Monika said...

You really ARE on a roll! Nice to be done with socks unloved. It's better to knit with yarn one loves, seems to go faster.

Anonymous said...

love those socks!!!

TheBlackSheep said...

You are spoiled with your own yarn! I can imagine it would be hard to go back to anything else. However, I do like the Opal/Regia yarns for socks since they wear harder.

zoom said...

I'm still working on GC's socks. I've had to get friends to fix them three times for me so far, because I can't tink anything but stocking stitch. I've got one sock half done, and the other one a third done. I think it's been close to a year now. I bow to your phenomenal knitting speed!

Lee said...

Both are great, I love them.

Samantha said...

Excellent! I still can't believe YOU knit with DPNS. Amazing. Miracles never cease.

Knitting Linguist said...

Very nice! I agree that weekends are too short, but you've made the most of yours :)