Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You like me! You really like me!

I got an award!I'm a beautiful blogger - thanks to Knitting Kitties! In accordance with the rules I have to share 10 things about myself you may or may not know.

1) Before I took up knitting I was an avid amateur artist. I've been drawing as long as I can remember, though I do very little since picking up the needles.
Faeries, mermaid and the like were always a favourite subject.

2) My dad is the one who instilled the love of reading in me. Like drawing, reading is something I started at a really young age, but it was when I was about 12 that Dad introduced me to the fascinating world of science fiction and fantasy. We share almost all our books (except the ones he's dubbed "girly fantasy" and his collection of post-apocalyptic drivel)

Conan, however is a subject we always agree on - we share a collection of Savage Sword of Conan comics. He started collecting them the year I was born, though the collection is spotty - I try to fill in the missing issues when I come across them.

3) Some of you may know that I am a writer - though I work in marketing now (and do writing on the side. But my education is actually Journalism - I worked as a reporter for several years before moving to advertising and marketing.

4) I've always said that if I won the lottery- I'd finance an archaeological dig. I've always been fascinated with history - and seriously considered getting a history degree - I just didn't know what I'd do with it and despite what my Dad says, I am practical.

5) I have no problem with the title "crazy cat lady". It's probably inevitable for me anyway. The only reason I have stopped is Dave. We have an agreement
If he gets another car (he has three) I get another cat. Of course, he can buy as many guitars as he likes as long as I can buy as many shoes as I like!

6) Samantha (Wilderness Witch) and I have been friends since I was 12 (she was 13)She use to beat me up on the bus. The only way I could get her to stop was to be her friend. Almost two decades later.... I still can't get rid of her.......

7) At one time, my brother and I could recite every line of the Blues Brothers movie. We probably still could if we tried hard enough.

8) I love motorcycles and have always meant to get my "M" license and my own bike. One of these days I might actually get around to it.

9) I've always wanted a pet polar bear. I think polar bears are the most awesome bears ever! Of course, I've also fancied the idea of having a pet tiger, or panther, and of course a pet dragon....
Since this is not possible I have a collection of plush Coca Cola polar bears and dragon stuffies... as for the big cats ...
well, Tux is a panther at heart.

10) I can't whistle. My niece Miss Pee could whistle at three-years-old. I still can't. It's embarrassing.

I'm suppose to pass the award on so here goes:

1) Minding my own stitches
2) Smoking Hot Needles
3) Just in the Knit of Time
4) Baa Baa Black Sheep
5) Drop stitch knitter

Tag - you're it!


Denise said...

You deserved it. It was nice learning more about you.

Duane keeps me limited on my live cat collecting. He collects guitars and books. He doesn't complain about my craft and book collection.

Wow, a degree in journalism.

pendie said...

Congrats! Your art is amazing; do you ever draw anymore?

Anonymous said...

what fabulous have many hidden talents lady!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award.

Love the picture of kitty w/Dave. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your award! What's not to like about your blog? :)

Walden said...


If it's any consolation, I can't whistle either!

Monika said...

Well, thank you! I always like to read about other people, but I don't like to share too much about myself. :o)
Whistling is not my forte either. I think the dogs just come because they want to know what that weird sound was I'm making when whistling. :o)
Your drawing is lovely. You should do more of that.

Anonymous said...

First - Congratulations. I happily read through your post, thinking how much you deserved that award (and that you totally should get your "M" on your license, I have mine) and whammo - you passed it on to me? I'm flummoxed and honored. Thanks so much!

Samantha said...

And you never will ... you're stuck with me for LIFE (and then after).

Knitting Linguist said...

Congratulations! Talk about a well-deserved award :) (Also? Love the Blues Brothers! We just introduced it to the girls, and they love it, too. Between that and Monty Python, there's a good quote for everything in our world...)