Friday, January 28, 2011


Last night I solved a little mystery.

While I was in the studio, searching for a book - I decided to check my sock yarn stash one more time - just to see if I had any more of the heavy black yarn. And what did I discover there?

A part ball of Regia - still labelled. Light, just like the stuff Mom gave me. But how could that be? I know I only ever had one ball. So, what in the hell was the heavier stuff then?

I called Mom up - we went through all the black yarns in her stash. No dice.

And then today - I'm sitting at work and it hits me.

A few years back, I started designing a stuffie for Dave - Beaker from the Muppets to be exact - it's been languishing, incomplete in one of my baskets for months. I had bought a whole bunch of Patons Astra to make it - one of the balls was black - and I had used some of it already.

Sure enough, I get home - check the Beaker basket - no black yarn. CRAP!


Now I do have to start all over - I could get another skein of Astra - but it seem a little like sacrilege to pair Monika's gorgeous handspun with cheap acrylic. (I'm not totally against acrylic - it has its uses - this is not one of them.)

It's not really a weeks worth of knitting down the tubes - I have another idea for the completed half of the edging... but damn.... I really didn't want to knit all those leaves again.

Live and learn right? (ALWAYS keep things labeled.)

Mom did manage to cheer me up today with a little yarnie present
Twisted Fiber Art Kabam! in Netherfield.

I am such a lucky daughter.


Anonymous said...

That would have cheered me up too. Mom's know what we like! Yeah MOM!

Lee said...

lovely colors in that yarn, I like it very much. Every time I read your blog and you are knitting a shawl I draw one step closer to knitting one for myself.

Delusional Knitter said...

Oh no! Well that explains it though. At least you have a nice goodie to ease the pain. And by the way ... you so need to revive Beaker!

Monika said...

At least you found the yarn you need, and that Beaker would be a hoot! Are you going to finish him?
You are a lucky daughter! Such a lovely cheer me up!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I'll second the motion to focus your attention on Beaker. He rocks!

gayle said...

Well, at least it means you're not losing your mind... Except for the part about having to knit all those leaves again.
Hoping it all goes smoother from here on out!