Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yarn Yummies

There hasn't been much knitting going on this week. In fact tonight is the first time I've picked up the needles this week - and the progress I made on the shawl doesn't make for an exciting picture.

So, instead I'd thought I'd share some pretty, pretty yarn I brought home on the weekend.
First up - Some squooshy Big Cat in Kaia! This is for me for a hat and mitt set - I think I'll probably start it this weekend.
After knitting Dave's Christmas socks in Stray Cat, I decided I needed a pair of sock in Stray Cat too. And since I wear a lot of brown, I dyed up this "Brown Sugar and Spice". It's hard to see, but it does have touches of green and pink throughout.

There's not much planned for the weekend (unless Dave has other ideas) so I'm hoping to have lots of progress to show you by Monday. That's of course if I can just make it through Friday....


Minding My Own Stitches said...

So much nice yarn to look forward to - that'll get you through your Friday!

Monika said...

Lovely yarn! I finished Herbivore knit with Top Cat yesterday, and hope to get it blocked today. I'd like to have my underwear made with this stuff, it's soooo wonderful! I hope your Friday's not too bad, and you can knit up a storm over the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Pretty yarns. Hope you get some quality time with them this weekend.