Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Silly Peno

I have been knitting, but becuase I'm still adjusting the commuting hours, it hasn't been much. And I can't show it to you anyway, because it's a secret

So, in the absence of knitting - Princess Peno is here to entertain you all.

You may remember the curved scratcher Mom bought the kids a while back... well, like any spoiled princess, Peno has laid claim to it. They boys still get a turn, but when they aren't around it's all Peno's:
"Silly human, can't you see this was made just for me...
look how nicely I fit. Those stoopid boys don't fit like I do."

'"Seriously, I'm quite comfortable like this."

"It's the perfect place to contemplate world domination...... ALL WILL BOW TO ME!!!!"

I've also been doing some rearranging and recently brought out their old scratcher. You'll never see Peno go in the house in the bottom - only one entrance and she needs a good escape route - but she loves the saddle on the top (and that scratch damage is all hers - Rocky uses everything but the scratchers)

"I shall hypnotize the world into submission with my 'crazy eyes' !!!"

It also gives her a little refuge from the dangers lurking below
"Little brothers are the scourge of the earth."


lexa said...

Too cute! Cats can get comfy in the strangest positions!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I picked up one of those curved scratchers after your first post about them; my cat just loves it. She sits in it just like Peno does!

Lee said...

She has that look, like "Come any closer and you will feel my claws in your rump!" My Slinkie has that look 24/7. Cats just seem to be able to convey looks of disgust so well.

Delusional Knitter said...

LOL! What a cutie. We have one of those curved scratchers we got them for xmas and they are often sitting on it!