Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh Pooh!

Despite the gorgeous weekend - I've spent most of it sulking.

Due to poor customer service skills, Stella did not come home this weekend. I have to wait all the way until 7 p.m. Monday night to pick her up.

So I'm pouting. And consoling myself with surf and turf dinner (homemade garlic shrimp and steak...mmmmmmmm...), chocolate sundaes and Aristocat.

I ripped out Pretty Thing, started knitting Traveling Woman, modified the crap out of it, frogged it and started my own, completely different design.

Surprisingly the sinlge ply is holding up really well to all that frogging. I think it's the strength of the silk. No pics though... sorry.

So.... here's a different picture....
Give me a caption!


Delusional Knitter said...

"I said this is MY spot!!" Peno hissed.

Sorry about Stella, It'll be 7pm Monday soon!!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Sorry about the car; we had the same experience when we bought ours. It's not unlike buying a house: short-term pain for long-term gain.

Soon you'll be driving around top down on sunny spring days, and your initial disappointment will be a fading memory!

Monika said...

Oh pooh! That sucks! Whenever I buy a new car, I want it NOW! Last time we went to get a new Van, and we got it the same day. :o)
The weekend weather was wonderful, I enjoyed it very much. And I didn't knit a single stitch (but spun a lot). I wish my Taygete was done!!!

pendie said...

No caption but cats can substitute for yarn pics quite nicely!

kathy b said...

"did you hear that? Was that a can opening????"

gayle said...

"No, 'I'm sorry' just ain't good enough this time..."

And think how poor Stella feels - she was promised freedom and a new home, and is still being held captive!

Sue said...

Peno - "You did WHAT with my turbo needles???"