Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Randomness

1) I haven't knit a stitch all week. Nights have been taken up by errands and ogling Stella. Sorry. No knitting content.

2) Stella is still awesome. Of course, the minute I got her, the temperature plummeted and hasn't been anywhere near top-down weather. She has an thermometre on the rear-view mirror, and you can bet by the moment that baby reads 16 degrees, that top is going down!

3) The cats are doing well with their SoftPaws. Rocky has lost three, but I don't think it's due to him chewing (he hasn't done so in my presence anyway) but probably my faulty gluing. Next time he goes down for a nap, those toes will get trimmed and re-capped. He's probably going to start sleeping with one eye open if this keeps up.

4) It's 9:30 p.m. I just put porchops in the oven. Normally I don't cook this late at night (or at all during the week) but Dave doesn't get home until 10ish. Usually, I'd open an can of soup and say "here you go!" But we aren't going to see each other much this weekend... so I'm being a good girlfriend.

5) Okay - I guess this could count as knitting content.I brought home another "accident skein". This is our Tabby Cat fingering. It was originally green - but the dye we used split and some spots were a poopy red. It was nasty. A few weekends ago, I over-dyed it with a different green, but you could still see the poopy parts. So I threw it in some left over burgundy. That still wasn't right, so I tossed it in the bowl of black. The result was smokey-grey with purple and green undertones. I've called it "Dragon Farts" and I think it's destined to become Lenore.

6) Dave is working this weekend. So that means more dyeing for me. Any colours/combos you want to see?

7) Rocky says I've spent enough time on to computer....He wants attention NOW! Guess I better go before he starts wrecking the place.


Delusional Knitter said...

Lovely yarn, love the name! Its amazing what overdyeing can do! I've come up with awesome colorways that started out as an accident.

Knatolee said...

Rocky is gorgeous! Cats sure know how to get your attention, don't they? Mine walk in front of my monitor when I'm not paying enough attention to them!