Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Three things on a Wednesday

1. I've cast off the body of Baby BruinThe logo is definitely a little too oval - but considering this is only my third colourwork project I'm not complaining. And I'm pretty confident I can block it a little more round. So it's just the sleeves and bands left to do. No sign of baby yet, so I'm still on track.

2. We had a long meeting at work today, so I finally restarted my Cheshire socksThis is definitely going to be a long-term project as they are knee socks!

3. Cat being cute
That is all.


Minding My Own Stitches said...

It's always tricky to chart something in knitting because stitches aren't square. They do sell such a thing as knitting graph paper to make designing your own charts easier, or you could make your own after measuring your row and stitch gauge on a swatch.

As for the sweater, I think it looks darling now and a bit of blocking should even it out, so well done!

Araignee said...

Love the Baby Bruin! I am so impressed with that logo. Colorwork is HARD!

Knitting Linguist said...

Love it! That baby sweater is fabulous - lucky, lucky baby :)

RobinH said...

That's perfect- my Bruins hat was oval in the other direction, and it wasn't a blockable fiber, so I was stuck with it.

Love the cat being cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the little Bruins jersey. Would love it more if it were Flyers. LOL

Love how kitty seems to be looking right at the camera. He certainly is a handsome boy!

Samantha said...

He's going to love it. :)