Thursday, July 26, 2012

Faery feet!

First, let me say thank you to all your kind words of support for my previous post. Dave and I have decided to work on things, and see if we can keep our train chugging along. I'm optimistic, but unfortunately it means our ceremony planned for September is now postponed.

However, I'm keeping my chin up and looking for reasons to smile... and I can always count on the yarn for that!
Last night I stayed up past my bedtime, but I got my Lotus Heart socks done.
I mentioned before - the pattern is full length, but as soon as I got the leafy cuff (which is worked sideways) done, I knew they had to be ankle socks.

They look like little pixie shoes! I made quite a few modifications to the pattern to make them ankle socks, and I didn't really record them, so unfortunately I can't share.

I can tell you that I knit them in my absolute favourite sock yarn - Alley Cat Falkland. It's just like our regular  Alley Cat - but with just a little extra smoosh! The colour is Frog prince - and I have about half a skein left.. I think I'm going to find something to pair it with to make another pair of socks - it's just so cheerful.

Now - I'm itching to cast on for a new shawl.. I've the the yarn and beads (yes... beads!) all picked out - but I'll save it for my next post.


Anonymous said...

I hope you two can work things out. You'll be in my prayers.

The socks --- wow! So cute!

Knatolee said...

THese are so cute!

Araignee said...


Rachelle said...

If it's worth working things out and continuing the relationship you'll make the effort and it will be worth it! Only the two of you can know if you want that or not.
I hope things work out for the best and that the road isn't too challenging.
Love the socks!

Monika said...

I love the color, and the socks turned out lovely. I wish you all the best!

Zenitude (formerly Wooly Knits n Bits) said...

Love the socks! Relationships can be lots of work...all the best to you.