Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday sloth

That's about what's been happening here all day.... the cats have been chillin'; Dave's been slaughtering zombies; and I've been knitting. After the last few weeks, it's pretty much a perfect Saturday.

After casting off the Lotus Heart socks, I decided I needed another pair on the needles - if only to keep me busy on my lunch hour at work. I dove deep into the stash and pulled out one of our very first dye jobs on Alley Cat. I decided the wild variegation was perfect for Chevvy, a pattern I've wanted to do for a very long time.
I figured I'd just get them started then go back to the shawl and save them for my lunch hours. But I haven't been able to stop. And, after some thought, I'm probably have to going to cast on for a different pair to take to work - the heels and toes of these are a little more involved and I don't want to be toting the book back and forth to work. 

In other knitting news, I realized I've neglected to share with you my progress on my big girl version of Silver.
 I'm past the arm holes now, and so far it's going swimmingly - other than the yarn. I'm using some Debbie Bliss Pure Silk  and while I love how it feels and drapes, it's not a yarn I'd recommend. It's spun very unevenly resulting in an uneven knit, and is often slubby. Quite disappointing when you consider the price. I'll use this lot up in the cardigan, and I have five skeins in black in the stash, and I won't be getting any more.

The pattern is turning out just how I imagined though - I can't wait to get it done.


Frieda said...

Sometimes just chillin' is just what you need . Enjoy !

Araignee said...

I wasted the whole day trying to figure out how to do the first increase row on a hat. After that trauma, I chilled out in front of the TV watching old movies and staying as far away from our rotten Olympic coverage as possible. Even the cats were throwing things at the TV.

Monika said...

I like days like that too. I really have to make an effort to tell myself that it's O.K. to have them though.
I've knit this pattern before. It's not my favorite, it had a little weird toes because of the chevron, and the cuff stays funny when I'm wearing them, but hey.
Your cardi is coming along nicely. I've been looking for the perfect cardi pattern for myself. I think I'm ready to try it again. Only problem is, I don't know which size I should knit, since I'm hoping I'm still going to loose some more weight. Plus I'd like to use some yarn I have already in stash, several options too.

Dee said...

The sock pattern looks like Jaywalker. Cool patterning.

Mo said...

I agree. The variegated yarn is displayed perfectly with the chevron style sock pattern.

Love the pic of the kittehs having a group nap.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Silver looks great! Sorry the yarn has disappointed :(

I've frogged my Lotus Hearts, all the while thinking that what you did to make them ankle socks was about the only answer.