Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I lied

 I said I had only one pair of socks to complete before Christmas, when in fact I have two. I've made zero progress on Dave's Christmas socks... remember these?

They have been slotted into the Christmas spreadsheet, but I won't be touching them for a little while if I follow the schedule.

The other pair of socks however, are slated to be started next week. I looked in the stash - I only have one skein of yarn that's suitable. And then Mom went an put some new yarns in the shop - all Alley Cat... and I'm sorely tempted to sneak in a grab one.... just check out what Mom has created:


There's also some stipeys left, as well as new Top Cat Aran, Twinkle Cat and more! All in the shop now!


Araignee said...

If anyone can make a Christmas deadline, you can.
Good luck!
PS: Mom has quite a good eye for color. That yarn is gorgeous.

Frieda said...

Oops , gave myself an early birthday gift and bought two of those gorgeous skeins . I'll let Mike know what he's buying me ...

Good luck with all of the Christmas knitting . I keep adding projects to the list too .I just can't help myself .

Monika said...

They are all so wonderful! I should have gotten some Embers too, but oh well. I'm thinking of knitting rather plain socks, because the patterned ones take longer, like Dave's socks! But they sure are beautiful.

Nancy Kay said...

Hope you get your sock projects finished in time! The new yarn colors are beautiful. Wow.

Samantha said...

Good thing I don't knit socks or else I'd be buying some of that too!! LOL It's LOVELY.

Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh, gosh! Nightwish and Maori are SO right up my alley - gorgeous!