Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sock triad

Christmas is inching ever-closer... so that means I really need to get boogie-ing on my sock knitting. I have two pairs done already... and I have two more to go. Not bad, but I also have a host of other Christmas knitting (including, hopefully, a sweater).

The first pair isn't actually for Christmas.
Just a pair of plain ol' vanillas for Dad's birthday (There are four December birthdays I have to attend to - thankfully, two I've already bought presents for earlier this year). I started these in the middle of September, and have only just finished the first one. However, I only work on these over my lunch hour at work... which I don't always take - so I'm making good progress. I should be able to finish them by December 18th, no problem! The yarn is Alley Cat BFL in "Pirate's Cove" - one of Mom's creations.

Next up are the John Huston socks I started for Dave.

These are going slowly - in part because I've been neglecting them for Eileen and other projects, and because the stitch pattern requires a fair bit of concentration (no rest rows either!). I'm almost to the heel on the first one, so if I give them some lovin' I should be able to motor.... and if not... Dave's used to late Christmas presents! For these I'm using Top Cat in "Cohiba" - another of Mom's creations!

Now despite the amount of Christmas knitting I still have to do.... I just had to cast on a pair for myself.
 These are Embossed Leaves - a pattern that has been in my queue FOREVER! I'm using Twisted Top Cat - which is just as nice as regular Top Cat. I find the knitted fabric a lot like Skinny Bugga. The colour is "Pinewood" - and you guessed it - Mom made it! I guess I'll have to keep her around.


Anonymous said...

Pretty socks.

Does your Mom have a blog?

WildflowerWool said...

I have to get a move on with my sock knitting too. Need to knit a pair of knee highs for my Mom for Christmas.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Your Mom is a keeper, that's for sure. Embossed Leaves is a pretty pattern. I don't have to queue it though; I was given a pair last year in MCN.

Araignee said...

It certainly is sock season all of a sudden. Love the patterns and the yarn. Anyone on your gift list is lucky!

Nancy Kay said...

These socks look FABULOUS! Way to go. And good luck with getting all your knitting projects finished before Christmas!