Thursday, March 14, 2013


The Owlie Mitts are done.

This was a really sweet, quick knit. It wasn't difficult, and it kept my interest. I love the use of beads for the eyes - it adds just a little bit of sparkle.

I made a couple of small mods:
1) The middle cables all go in the same direction, instead of zig-zagging as the pattern calls for (this was just me not paying attention to the chart
2) I changed the placement of the thumb a little for a better fit.
3) I shortened the top by four rows - the mitts were getting really long!

These were knit in House Cat, colour is Denim, but it's one of those patterns that would look good in almost any colour.

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 Get some yarn before they drive Mom crazy!


Nancy Kay said...

Very nice!! I really like wearing fingerless mittens, and I think these would be fun to make!

Anonymous said...

Adorable mitts. I know your friend will just love them. :-)

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I was a little concerned by the post title ... kinda wondering where this was going and how knitting was involved :)

Those kids look like trouble with a capital T. Looks like the sale will last a few more days yet!

LeslieA said...

Really cute mitts!

Araignee said...

Love the mitts! on spring break are a challenge.