Sunday, March 10, 2013


As you can see from Tux's relaxed pose, there's been no drama this weekend - in fact it was an almost perfect weekend. I got lots done around the house (it almost sparkles now!) 

I did a little writing, a little reading, some grocery shopping, cooking, and of course... knitting....

The Ladybug Jacket is nearing the finish line!

As you can see, she just needs her spots, which I'm working on now. You may notice that I've made some modifications to the pattern. Not only did I do the collar and cuff in red instead of black, but I added a picot cast off in black to make it that much girly-er.

Don't get me wrong, the pattern is cute enough on it's own... I just thought this would be a touch more fun.

And of course, I had to add Ladybug buttons!

The spots are supposed to be done as bobbles, but I'm modifying that too. I'm knitting them flat and sewing them on. There are a few people who've done crocheted ones, and I like the look of it better than the bobbles.. but since I don't crochet....knit it is. I think they are going to be perfect.

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

Very cute Ladybug.

My weekend was good for life. Not so good for knitting --- tried a jute belt pattern that about ripped up my hands and ended up being ripped out. Now Steve has two nice rolls of jute to tie up yard waste and I have a really beautiful belt buckle in need of a belt. LOL

Rachelle said...

It's incredibly cute!

Pretty good weekend here, my shirt was much admired at the guild. Ian loved his camo shirt (he got the green one) and refused to take it off all weekend. It finally came off last night, washed today and he's wearing it again, lol.

Frieda said...

Love your modifications , can't wait to see it finished !

We had a really gorgeous spring like weather so we took Mason for a walk in the woods near us . The sun was shining and the birds were chirping , loved it !

Minding My Own Stitches said...

The little jacket is so cute! And those buttons are perfect!

Wish my house sparkled. I briefly considered cleaning the car inside and out but after laundry, groceries and general tidying I'd had enough :)

Samantha said...

Oh M, J and N are going to love it!! :)

My weekend was good. I lost a damned hour -- which I really needed -- so my patience is a little thin today.

Lots of in and out, in and out, in and out for potty training the puppy. Cannot wait for this part to be over. LOL

Monika said...

The coat is already cute, the spots are just icing on the cake. I like your mods very much.
I finished my test knit shawl this weekend, but have to wait for blocking it. I also did some spinning.

RobinH said...

My weekend was catching up on sleep and doing the bare minimum of housework. Also knitting, of course, since that counts as goofing off.

Nancy Kay said...

The ladybug jacket is ADORABLE. Even without the spots, it's so darned cute!!

This weekend was good for some knitting and some wet-felting/needle-felting also. Got to try a new method, so it was exciting.

kathy b said...

That's an adorable cat and.lady bug knit up