Sunday, July 7, 2013

All sewn up

I've been sewing again... I have to say... I like the idea of sewing a lot better than I actually like sewing. But I'm determined to persevere.

I love dresses (if you look at any of my modeled cardigan shots, that's easy to see), but I have an odd body type (wide hips, short and narrow waist, and a wee bit busty) so it can be tricky finding store-bought dresses that fit properly. An empire waist is most flattering on me, but finding one to properly accommodate my top deck can be difficult.When they upsize a dress for a larger girl, they make it wider, but not deeper - and I end up with the seam mid-bust. So I thought - why not make a dress?

I found the perfect pattern that had lots of options
I fell in love with the long pink version (I'm a sucker for full length dresses - and they are even harder to find!) I bought some lovely cream eyelet material (I'm a sucker for eyelet too) and Saturday morning after Dave left for work I set to it.

 I had to make several adjustments. I added some length to the bodice to help with eh aforementioned bust problem. I also had to add a full liner. The pattern only lines the bodice, but the eyelet material was too thin (not to mention full of holes...) to be appropriate for the skirt without something underneath it. I also added some width to the skirt as well - just to give my hips a little more room.

Not being a fantastic sewer, I took my time. When Saturday evening rolled around, all I had left was to attach the liner to the shell, and insert the zipper... but I put it away, ready to start fresh the next morning. By early afternoon today - I had a new dress!
Admittedly, the full liner makes it a little heavy for a really hot summer day (like today).
 I love the matching edging I found for the bottom ruffle.
And look at that zipper! No puckers!

I learned quite a few things making this - and the next one will be better - a more appropriate material - and probably some french seams for a more finished product!


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Nice work!

I like the idea of sewing but don't like the actual doing of it. Maybe I just don't have enough experience, but it seems like on every FO there's something (or -things) I'm unhappy with :(

Rachelle said...

Well done. I have to drop the bust point as well, by about 5cm now. It used to be 3cm but apparently gravity (and children) has had some effect. For me it's not due to size, but just simply being low slung.
Makes it very hard to find dresses that fit me too, unless they're knit fabric. I also have hips that are a full size bigger than my chest.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I never got the hang of sewing. :-(

Nancy Kay said...

Beautiful summer dress! Nice work!! How great to be able to make adjustments so that your dress fits perfectly. I used to do a lot of sewing, but haven't done much in recent years.