Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stitch by stitch

Lest you guys think this has turned into some crazypants gardening blog... I promise, I have been knitting.

There hasn't been a tonne of time for it, but when I can get a stitch or two in, I've been working on one of two projects:

The Zauberball socks.
 I'm just passed the gusset on the first sock. I'm doing a simple 3-1 rib in man-size. These will end up in the Christmas box, and I'll decide who gets them later.

Mistress Anne Shawl
A beaded shawl design I started not too long before the move. Now that I've got most of my knitting stuff sorted out, I've turned my attention to getting this one ready for testers. I'm using Continental Cat and a buttload of pearl beads.

Work is starting to slow down a little, so I'm hoping that means I'll be moving a little faster in the knit department. I already have two cardigan designs I need to get pulled together for testing, Mistress Anne will be done soon, and I've got another shawl design on the go.

Though there will be a hiatus for some baby knitting in the near future (no, not mine...), but I'd like to at least get two patterns out this year - if not more!


Anonymous said...

I made socks in that exact Zauberball color.

Sounds like you have a LOT on the knitting queue! Have fun.

Debbie said...

I think I have some Zauberball stashed away that looks just like what you are using for your socks. It looks great. I am going to have to move it up in the stash queue.

Rachelle said...

Both those projects look wonderful!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Pretty shawl. Nice to see the usual big field of stockinette broken up with an eyelet pattern!

Nancy Kay said...

I like the color combo in the Zauberball socks. Very nice. And what a beautiful shawl...looking forward to a shot of it being modeled! Love the beads!

Frieda said...

Love the colours in the Zauberball socks ! The shawl looks very pretty with all of those beads , can't wait to see the finished knit .