Thursday, November 21, 2013

All Tux, all the time

... it certainly seems like that... doesn't it?

This morning, Sir Tux and I were up before the birds, and off to the vet. The vet took some blood, did a fine needle biopsy and gave Tux a pretty purple bandage in return. 
"I hate you."
Then we were on our way. Tux went home (as you can see, he's less than amused about the whole situation) and I headed off to work.

The vet called me at work this afternoon. Unfortunately, she can't tell what the growth is from the biopsy. So he goes in for removal surgery on Wednesday. While she's in there, she is going to take a larger sample and see if they can figure out what it is. If it's bad (i.e. bad cancer), she'll give me a call we'll decide if they should go ahead and amputate his leg.

So for now, it's just keeping him comfy and happy, which as long as I'm not hauling him off to the vet, is pretty easy.

There's lots planned for the weekend, including a dye session (we've got to get the shop restocked now!) so I'll be back soon with some non-Tux content.
"But, I like it when it's all about me...."


elns said...

haha, Tux! I like it when it's all about you too. I love your captions, because it seems to capture his expression perfectly. He looks fanfrickin'tastic in purple. Can't wait to see your restock. I think that will be about time, I deserve another holiday gift to me from me .. hahahhaha

Anonymous said...

Poor baby . . . although purple looks quite nice against his black and white fur.

Hope that the diagnosis is not cancer. Will be thinking healing thoughts for Tux.

lexa said...

Hoping that he doesn't require the worst case scenario! I must say, he's sporting that bandage like a real trooper! Lookiing forward to the restock as well! :)

WildflowerWool said...

Poor Tux, hope you get some good news!

kathy b said...

I hope he keeps the leg, but I have seen many many dogs and cats do terrific with one less limb. Our receptionist at the vet's office lost an arm to cancer as a teen. She adopted Windsor who lost a front leg this year.....:)

Rachelle said...

Cats always look indignant after a visit to the vet. Hope it's a benign growth.

Araignee said...

That purple bandage looks very familiar. Dear Departed Doggie had a tumor removal on her leg many years ago and wore the same wrap. I had a terrible time keeping it on her. I still laugh when I think of how many times I found that darn purple thing laying in the yard. I went through rolls of it. She recovered nicely from the whole ordeal (me not so much) and I wish the same for Tux.