Tuesday, November 26, 2013

...on the Tux front.

The vet has spoken....

Surgery will be postponed for at least three weeks (yay - just in time for Christmas!) so we can try to get his blood sugar down. We're going to do that by upping his insulin a bit and putting him on some special (read: probably expensive) canned food. He'll like that though - they only get dry kibble - canned food is a treat.

In the mean time, he's milking the whole thing for get extra snuggles.
"I'm just a poor cat.... I need some sympathy..."
He's even sucking up to Dave, whom he usually ignores.

So while we're working on getting our furry friend stable, if you're in need of yarn or patterns the sales are still on Use the code Love15 to save 15% in the shop and there's an automatic 25% off my rav patterns.   We've got about 2/3 of his vet bills covered - I really can't thank you all enough for that! 


kathy b said...

awww, I didnt realize he had the diabetic thing going too-----poor baby. Wishing him well. Thankful for my cats and my family!

lexa said...

Cats know how to pull on heart strings! lol :)

kathy b said...

just placed my order...hope all the news is good at the vet