Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chicago: Part 1

I have arrived in the Windy City!
And despite how that picture looks - it's actually not that windy (a stray breeze came up just as I took the picture) but it is cold. Of course, no colder than home so I can't complain much. As you can see, Color Affection came along for my brief walk around the general vicinity of my hotel.

I've only been here a few hours, but downtown Chicago is already way cooler than Itasca (Where I went on my last "Chicago" trip).

Chicago - you have cool buildings
The Carbide and Carbon building, as seen from my hotel room. Love art deco! I may take a walk to see it up close and in person.

You can see Millenium park and Lake Michigan from my other hotel window.

Millenium park is where I decided to explore first (and where I took my selfie.) They have the cutest little skating path there.
 If I was better on skates (and had done it at least once in the last 25 years) I might have gone for a round or two.
I'd love to see this park in the summer!

And all around the area, there are little hidden roof top gardens and art - art EVERYWHERE!
Bumper deer by John Kearney
The next few days are are pretty packed, but I'm hoping to have more time to explore some more on Friday.


elns said...

Thanks for sharing these photos in the time you have. The skating path is of childhood dreams. The city even super cold looks fun and inviting. I hope you have some more fun amongst all the work and cold. I love how the Canadian doesn't find it that cold. hehe.

Araignee said...

I LOVE that skating thing they've got going on. What a beautiful city. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I would bet that Carbide and Carbon building looks awesome in the setting (or rising) sun!

I'd love a skate path like that. I'd never go home. LOL

Have a good visit! :-)

P.S. Stay warm!

Rachelle said...

That does look really cool. I'd definitely go a round on the ice skate path; I love ice skating!

kathy b said...

Welcome to my city. Im so glad you love it.
IT is absolutely gorgeous in the summer months.
I wish I had time to MEET you in person. You sound really booked.
Have some Uno s deep dish pizza if you can!

RobinH said...

The Carbon Carbide building is my favorite skyscraper ever! :) If you go back in the summer, the architecture institute does a very cool architecture tour where they point out a lot of great buildings and talk about their history.